Sunday, 11 December 2016

Time Travel Is Possible

In previous blogs I have covered many subjects including science, religion, history and my books have covered even more topics. In this treatise I hope to explain briefly in plain language the structure I have described in my books and papers on the nature of time and the structure of the universe that allows for time travel and prophecy; it includes a time dimension that includes past present and future,

Recent discoveries that cast doubt on the existence of dark matter and dark energy support the concept I first published in 1989. The reason the change in the scientific paradigm supports my theory is that if these two forces, which make up most of the universe, don’t exist then there must be another explanation. My explanation is that time accelerates; each moment in time is fractionally smaller than the moment that preceded it.

Why should time accelerate? We have managed to find evidence that the universe did have a beginning and that it has expanded continually since the first moment of creation; and as Einstein explained and satellites have confirmed time is affected by gravity; we live in an expanding universe and as it expands its density decreases. Newton showed how a gravitational field is equal to the gravitational constant multiplied by the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This simply means that as we move away from an object its gravitational field weakens and it weakens twice as fast as the distance increases, the expansion of the universe causes its gravitational field to diminish and so time accelerates.

Because quanta only react in discrete packages of energy the past can still exist all around us but we are totally unaware of it because the atoms that make up our current existence cannot react with the past. The future is also happening at the same instant but we will be unaware of it until our moment in time has accelerated to the same rate as that accelerated moment; I published a YouTube video some years ago explaining this principle.

We can now establish why that creates the illusion of dark matter and dark energy. When we look at distant galaxies we are actually looking back in time because the light has taken many years to reach us, sometimes millions of years. We are looking at an older denser universe with a stronger gravitational field than we experience today so it appears to have much more matter than we can see. Dark energy is also an illusion created by weakening gravity and accelerating time. Because the moments of time (seconds) with which we measure the expansion are becoming smaller it creates the impression that the expansion is continually increasing.

We live in a universe in which all time occurs in a single moment, it is therefore logical that if we were able to change the acceleration of atomic structure to equal that of a moment in the past or future we would immediately be transported to that moment. It appears that some people are able to view or be aware of these moments from the past or future giving them glimpses beyond the current physical reality. This structure also implies the existence of a Supreme Being or conscious universe that creates and sustains all reality.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The changing view of science

When I began school we were still being taught that the universe was infinite and static, a view that had persisted since the days of Aristotle, but today we know that concept was wrong and that the real structure is more like the Biblical view; the universe had a beginning. Science continually changes and modifies its paradigm as new discoveries are made, once even the concept of meteors was considered ludicrous, the French Academy of Science having ruled that, “rocks do not fall from the sky”.

Today some scientists are investigating the possibility of psychic phenomena while others still claim it is impossible, despite advances made in quantum physics and what Einstein called, “Spooky at a distance action” there is a reluctance to accept what could imply a spiritual influence. In 1989 my book “The Time Illusion” was published presenting a view that was different to the mainstream view of “arrows of time” and a one way flow of time. Having experienced precognitive and premonitory events from a young age I knew that our understanding of time must be flawed; if I was able to perceive events before they occurred there must be an explanation.

The obvious conclusion was that spacetime must contain all time past, present and future in a single continuum. A conclusion with which some well known scientists have now agreed, we only experience a flow of time due to entropy. Things have a tendency to run down wear out or dissipate we call this entropy as we observe things moving from order to chaos and apparently never going the other way. The universe does however contain all that ever was and all that ever will be, we perceive change because we build memories sequentially and we can only see our current moment in time at any one instant.

I called my 1989 book “The Time Illusion” because that is what the passage of time is; an illusion. I have since written other books and made videos to explain why we perceive time as we do but primarily it is because time accelerates, each second in time is actually a tiny fraction smaller than the second that preceded it. This acceleration of time is caused by the expansion of the universe because as the universe increases in size its density and therefore its total gravitational field reduces. Gravity as we know, from Einstein and from clocks on satellites, affects the rate at which time passes. This can also explain dark matter, dark energy and several other anomalies that I explained fully in my book “Physics God and the End of the World”.

The main purpose of all my books has been to inform people of how and why I know that there are some extraordinary events in our very near future. There can be little doubt that a major war is developing and it seems to be occurring as predicted by Biblical prophets. The internet is swamped with stories of an impending asteroid collision which may be due to the prophecy of Daniel who predicted a “rock from Heaven” that would smash the final empire, but also with ancient legends of a rogue planet on a collision course with the Earth.

We each have our own view of what is likely to happen and many interpretations are quite fanciful. My own impression is that we will see a major change in the period of rotation of the Earth and a day will only be sixteen hours long instead of twenty-four. All of the predicted events will happen in a very short space of time or as the Bible suggests, “come in a flood”. The biggest concern of course is the one that says two thirds will perish and in all the land only one third will be saved, we can only hope and pray that we will be among the third God chooses to save.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Conspiracy Theory Mayhem

The internet is currently being bombarded with an amazing range of conspiracy blogs, videos and forums. Many of them are incredibly fanciful and show no understanding whatsoever of the basic laws of physics or even common sense.

Many of the current memes involve the end of days, planet X or Nabiru (an asteroid expected to hit Earth) and theories claiming that either the Earth or the moon are hollow. There are also predictions claiming that the Earth will stop rotating or reverse direction and countless other events that are physical impossibilities.

I must start by addressing the hollow Earth or Moon claims; since the days of Newton we have known the mathematical formula for calculating a gravitational field. The strength of the field depends on the masses of the objects and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This means that by measuring the distance between objects and timing their orbits we can be very certain of their mass, a hollow Earth would not have sufficient mass to keep the moon in orbit but would see it fly off into space. A hollow moon would not create the tides we see rise and fall twice each day.
The next fundamental to be examined is the possibility of the Earth’s rotation stopping or reversing. 

We calculate the Earth’s mass to be 5.983X1027 grams (about 6,000 trillion trillion grams) the amount of energy required to accelerate or decelerate a mass this size even by a tiny amount is enormous. We can pretty safely assume that the Earth will retain its current momentum and direction for some time. There are ancient records that indicate changes that may have created the illusion of the Earth stopping or reversing direction.

It is possible that the Earth “flipped over” and the poles switched places, this event would make it appear to those on Earth that the direction of rotation had changed but the Earth would still be rotating in the same direction however would now be upside down. Clues to the possibility that this has previously occurred are to be found in an Egyptian tomb which has the stars of the Southern skies painted on the roof and in the Biblical record of the Hebrew battles in the days of Joshua when “the sun stood still”.

Now we come to the mysterious “Planet X” which has also been given the name “Nabiru” after a rogue star recorded by ancient Sumerians. Biblical prophecies in Daniel and in Revelation predict a giant “rock from heaven” that will bring about destruction before Judgement Day. With many current events seeming to fulfill Biblical prophecy some people are starting to look for this omen, unfortunately only the Creator knows when he plans to pull the pin and remake his creation. We can only hope that we are more worthy and smarter than the dinosaurs and can survive such a calamity.

Life on Earth has always been uncertain and despite the current high levels of volcanic activity and earthquakes as well as increasing severe weather our greatest danger is still our fellow man. We are at danger from lawless elements in society as well as the greed and incompetence of national leaders too ready to push the world into battle in order to improve their own positions of power, and those who destroy their own society believing it is the way they can help others; throwing open borders to accommodate groups whose end goal is our destruction.

We need to do those things which we can control, to live each day as though tomorrow will be our last and that we will be judged by our treatment of others. We cannot know whether these predicted events will occur now or in many years or even not in any way that we can currently imagine.

My own view is that we will see some changes and quite soon, events seem to come in cycles and the fifty year cycle of the Biblical Jubilees appear to have bearing on events in the Middle East. The Jubilee year 1917 saw the Balfour Declaration and the victory of the British over the Ottoman Empire. The 1967 Jubilee saw the liberation of Jerusalem from the occupying Jordanians who had conquered it in 1948 and barred all non-Muslims from entering. No doubt 2017 will bring some surprises and possibly further apparent fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What is happening to the world?

The world today is far different from the world of sixty years ago, what has changed so much? In the 1950’s and 60’s places like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan were modern thriving nations with a mix of Christian and Muslim citizens working together and living side by side. The 1947 UN partition and 1948 formation of Israel as a Jewish state had seen Jews expelled from all Muslim majority lands and the invasion of the fledgling state of Israel by Jordan who promptly renamed Judea and Samaria the “West Bank”.

It is not just this conflict that has seen global culture change but the growth of apostasy, or a turning away from the Biblical tenets that had made peaceful and civilised nations in every corner of the world. There are six hundred and thirteen commandments in the five books of law as given to Moses, three hundred and sixty-five say thou shall not and two hundred and forty eight say thou shall. Ten of these commandments were spoken directly by the Almighty, the first two were heard by all the people assembled but because they were so afraid of the voice of God asked Moses to intercede on their behalf; Moses climbed the mountain and received the commandments directly from the Creator’s hand.

This ten was the basis of our laws but most people today cannot recite more than one or two and have no idea what they even mean or why they come in the order in which they are presented. Those who understand this find them easy to recall and logical, for those who don’t know I would like to explain why we need to understand in order to have a chance to save the world.

1.      Thou shall have no other God but me.        This means not putting things like wealth and power ahead of your duty to your creator.
2.      Thou shall make no graven image.              This means not praying to religious icons or images of people or things that are not the Almighty.
3.      Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.                   This means we must not presume to speak for God or assume that we know God better than others. It is the most commonly broken commandment; all those inquisitors who killed Pagans, Protestants and Jews in the name of God were breaking this commandment as are those today who bomb, kill and behead those whose belief does not follow their own path. To kill claiming it is God’s work is a crime and a sin.
4.      Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.               A day of rest, meditation and prayer not only renews the soul but gives time to consider whether we are righteous.
5.      Honour your Father and your Mother.                  Respect for one’s parents is the basis for respecting the law.

These first five commandments are our duty to our Creator, which is why they are given priority over even those about killing, stealing and lying.
6.      Thou shall do no murder.                             The Almighty gives life it is not up to man to take it especially for financial or political gain or any other selfish reason.
7.      Thou shall not commit adultery.                  The bond between man and wife is sacred it should not be violated to do so destroys the fabric of society.
8.      Thou shall not steal.                                      It is obvious to most that it is not right to take that which is the property of others, but many in society today think it acceptable that if someone has more than they it is their right to take it. Movies and advertisers often make fun of theft and ignore the criminality of actions they portray.
9.      Thou shall not bear false witness.                Lying is common in society today and many even find it humorous, many television sitcoms are based on the main character getting into trouble for failing to tell the truth.
10.  Thou shall not covet.                                     It seems such a little thing to put as a commandment but coveting and jealousy are often what leads to the breaking of many of the other commandments. Be happy for one who has good fortune or has worked hard to obtain benefits and strive to be as deserving, brooding over what others have can prevent you from reaching your own goals and potential.

We can see from the world around us that these commandments are not being observed and the Bible warns that this is the recipe for disaster. The prophets tell us that the world has been written down for destruction now the only question is what can we do? We can have faith that we were not created simply to destroy ourselves and begin observing God’s commandments that we might be saved.

There is another commandment that Jesus claimed was the most important of all the commandments and which observant Jews recite twice daily. It is found in Deuteronomy 6:5, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all you possess.” We are also informed that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so when you feel fear at coming destruction know that it is the beginning of wisdom and be faithful because as you sow so shall you reap. In order to expect kindness, justice and mercy from the Almighty we must extend these to others, violence and hatred will only bring destruction.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Strange things are happening

Even the most ill-informed people are beginning to realise that strange things are happening in the world today. Unusual levels of civil unrest and conflict, earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather as well as wars and rumours of wars. There also seems to be a large shift in morality with declining standards in many countries. Even stranger is the fact that thousands of years ago these things were predicted by Biblical prophets. People with little or no knowledge of religion are starting to wonder what is happening and whether the religious claims might be correct and if so which religions.

We tend to judge religions by the most vociferous and obnoxious adherents to each faith. Noisy chanting Muslims calling for the death of infidels and the conquest of western society, wanting to turn the west into violent dysfunctional nations like those from which they escaped; militant atheists opposing, verbalising and attacking any who disagree with their particular view and many people who are simply frightened into believing the worst about others. We need to stop judging religions by their most bigoted followers. Most people only see the differences between religions and are unaware just how closely aligned the major religions are and how similar their early beginnings; the differences are all the result of human interpretations or points of view.

The festivals of Easter and Passover generally occur at the same time each year, part of this is because Jesus was crucified at the time of the Passover but also because the pagan festival of Ishtar which the early Christian church adopted to celebrate Easter is a lunar celebration and so coincides with dates on the Hebrew lunar calendar; except in leap years like 2016 because the Hebrew calendar adds a month and the Gregorian calendar only adds one day. The early church transformed many pagan celebrations so that converts would feel that the new church was a continuation of their old customs. I believe the Almighty whose hand controls all things influenced the correlation of Easter and Passover because both contain the same message and that is that God is the master of life and death one of many similarities between these two faiths.

The miraculous victory of the Jewish Maccabees over the mighty Greco-Assyrian army approximately 140 years before Jesus was born ensured that the Temple in Jerusalem remained a temple of God and not one dedicated to the worship of Zeus and other pagan deities. This victory could only have been ensured by divine assistance and ensured that Jesus would teach the laws of Moses in the Temple and not the Hellenistic traditions of Greece. My view is that the victory was ensured so that Jesus would spread God’s word to those who were not descendants of Abraham or Jacob and to those who had not the opportunity to know the Bible.

There are a few differences between Judaism and Christianity the first is that the Israelites were chosen to bring God’s word to the World and to be a nation of priests, teaching the Bible to all mankind and are bound by the commandment “Thou shalt have no other God but me”. The second difference is the Christian concept that Jesus is God. This idea was created at the Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Common Era, prior to which Jesus was seen as simply a Rabbi and a prophet. In his own words Jesus himself stated that he was not God. Jesus said in St Matthew 19:17 “…Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one; that is God...” Jesus exhorted his followers to obey the Torah and when asked to teach us to pray he began his prayer, “Our Father who art in Heaven”. Jesus did not ask people to pray to him or his Mother; there is nothing in the words of Jesus that is different to the teachings of Judaism, Jesus did offer his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Rome elected to adopt Christianity to bolster its failing empire. It was in order to unify the various Christian groups that the Council of Nicaea was formed and a major obstacle was the question of whether Jesus was a man or God. The council eventually elected to say he was both because the various factions could not agree.

In Ezekiel 37:16-19 we are told that that the stick of Joseph which is in the hand of Ephraim and the stick of Judah and the children of Israel will be united as one. Biblical students today generally equate Ephraim with the West and Christianity so it appears that Ezekiel predicted the eventual unification of Judaism and Christianity. In Revelation 11:3-4 It mentions two witnesses that are two olive trees and two candlesticks, in Revelation 1:12 when discussing the seven churches they are referred to as seven golden candlesticks so we know that Revelation equates candlesticks to churches. The two are given equal billing, again implying that Judaism and Christianity are God’s two witnesses. This of course posits the question; where does Islam fit into the Biblical context? It is inconceivable that the Bible could predict so many events, from Daniel’s vision of successive empires to the wars and political events predicted by Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Zechariah yet not mention Islam.

We know that when Abraham bound his son upon the altar he bound all his descendants to God for all time. The pledge to Abraham was that the Almighty would be the one God for him and his children and his “seed until all generations”. Historically the descendants of Ishmael are brothers to the descendants of Isaac, who were friends and one family. When Abraham was old his sons Ishmael, Isaac and the sons of Keturah (Abraham’s wife whom he married after the death of Sarah) all assembled with their father to receive his blessing and together the brothers buried their father when he died. The teachings of Abraham are the basis of Judaism and Islam.

So does the Bible predict Muhammad and his teaching? We do not easily recognise the description of Muhammad because it is clouded in allegory and was written hundreds of years prior to Muhammad’s birth. Muhammad adopted the Torah and Gospel and proclaimed himself a prophet. He mentions both Torah and Gospel in conjunction in the Quran (9:111) to increase his credibility but in truth he devised a cult with the intention of conquering the world. Many Muslims accept that the number 666 applies to Muhammad but claim that the Bible was subverted to prevent the infidels from knowing the Quran. Much literature tries to connect Allah and Satan with the 666 prediction but this however confuses Muhammad and Allah. The name Allah is the Arabic pronunciation of the Hebrew Elo meaning God; observant Jews pray twice each day: “Adonai Elo Heinu” – meaning “Lord Our God” and angels were sometimes called “Ben Elo him” meaning “sons of God”. The Bible says of 666 that “it is the number of a man”, it does not refer to God, Allah or Satan; but only to Muhammad.

When Muhammad produced the Quran he banned Muslims from allying themselves with Christians and Jews and commanded his followers to wage war and conquer the world. Those who follow Muhammad have been at war with the world ever since, after being misled by a violent warlord who used Biblical references to create an army of conquest. Only a minority of Muslims have wholeheartedly embraced the violence practiced and preached by Muhammad, but while they continue to follow the Quran Muslims are forbidden to ally themselves with Christians or Jews against their more violent fellows. There appears little hope of a peaceful solution because of the insistence of the Quran that to go against its teachings is a capital offense, and there are many violent Muslims willing to enforce that decree, while many more support it. Muhammad not only created division between Muslims, Christians and Jews he caused Islam to fracture because he did not create an infra structure of succession, the legacy of Muhammad is the violence and conflict we see today; that was never the intention of God or Abraham.

There can be no doubt that there will be a confrontation between, those dedicated to the violent teachings of Muhammad and those who follow the traditions of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. It is only the adherents to the lunacy of Muhammad that can prevent conflict by refusing to accept the concept of violent jihad. Students of scripture can; today see many Biblical prophecies eventuating in our time. It is predicted that during a war involving an invasion of Israel the invading forces will be defeated but “not by the hand of man”. Scripture assures us that we will not see subtle hidden miracles as in the time of Esther, the Maccabees or in the days of Hezekiah when an “angel” killed 185,000 men of the besieging army; we will see a miraculous intervention as in the days of Moses with obvious miracles and plagues. Fire and brimstone from Heaven as in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and darkness and burning hail like the events leading to the redemption from Egypt.

With so many Biblical prophecies apparently fulfilling today there can be little doubt that the predicted end times scenarios are occurring right before our eyes. We are warned that they will come as a flood; meaning altogether in a very short period of time and we will face a much greater trial than anything man can devise. The scriptures tell us that this is necessary so that all people will know that God exists; we are also urged not to panic, the Creator has assured us that this is the work of his hand and that the faithful will be saved.

There are still prophecies yet to be fulfilled but which would be sure indicators that the final days are upon us; it is predicted that there will be a collision with a comet or asteroid, war and invasion of Israel and an Angel, or messenger, from the East. Since the Middle Ages Angels have been portrayed as winged messengers but in Scripture are described as quite ordinary and sometimes people had difficulty recognising them as Angels. Some prophecies say that Elijah will return to herald in the Messiah, according to Jesus he came in the guise of John the Baptist, and he may come again but not be recognised, so we should listen to those urging us to prepare for the final redemption and the resurrection of the dead, particularly those from the East as that is where the message is predicted to originate.

Much of what is promoted today is the opinion of men and although many have studied scripture and interpreted prophecies, the reality may be far different from popular belief. Don’t be taken in by quotations and reciting of scripture, live as though you will face judgement tomorrow. Don’t be swayed by masses and join mobs as they chant their way through towns calling for their own views to be supported. Don’t be against others because that is the popular belief. Remember the words of Zechariah who warned in 13:8-9, “And it shall come to pass said the Lord, that in all the land two thirds will be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. And I will bring the third part through the fire and refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried…..”

The Bible warns that as ye sew so shall ye reap, which is a simple way of saying that the Bible believes in Karma. An example of this principle is demonstrated in the story of Joseph. The entire tribe of Israel was enslaved in Egypt because the sons of Jacob sold their annoying little brother into slavery in that land. Those who today practice violence, deceit and hatred to their fellow man are building their own fate, those who hope for justice, kindness and mercy from the Almighty must demonstrate those traits to others. It has been written that as ye do to the least of God’s creatures so you do to him, if you are acting in violence or hatred to your fellow man that is the way you are acting to the one who will decree your ultimate fate.

There is a period in Jewish tradition commonly known as “the three weeks”, that commemorates the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem (twice) as well as many other calamities that befell the Jewish people; strangely enough these events occur periodically on the same dates, this period occurs late July early August in 2016. In light of many happenings around the world today it is probable that the three weeks in this Jubilee year will see some significant signs. This is all part of the end times scenario that is playing out before our eyes, read a Bible - it's getting really spooky. I anticipate an invasion of Israel, an asteroid collision and the length of a day to be shortened to only 16 hours instead of 24 hours; everything else is in place.

We do live in interesting times but there is more information in my books and website

Monday, 29 February 2016

Where is Elijah?

Interest has recently been aroused in prophecy by conjecture that we are in the final days of our civilisation; much has been made of blood moon tetrads and eclipses but although these events occurring on religious festivals are rare they are not provably significant. The occurrence of natural phenomena on specific dates can arguably be ascribed to coincidence. Biblical prophecies predict several far more obvious and unlikely events that if they occur will make an unmistakable impact. The first is that two large meteors or asteroids will impact the Earth one as large as a “mill wheel” probably about 3-5 metres across and the other “as large as a mountain” which means at least 300 metres in height. We know today that these events do occur periodically so we cannot be certain any collisions are the ones predicted, but in Revelation 8:8 it describes a great mountain cast into the sea. In the book of Daniel the final “empire” is described as being fractured by a great rock from heaven.

An unmistakable prediction is that “the days will be shortened” part of this prediction is often overlooked in that it states in Revelation 8:12 “…the day shone not for a third part of it and the night likewise”. This prediction is claiming that both day and night will be shortened by one third and the only way that this can occur is for the Earth to begin to spin more rapidly on its axis. One third of 24 is 8 so the prophecy is actually predicting that the Earth will begin rotating once every 16 hours. These things would be undeniable signs that prophecy is real, that all time occurs in a single instant and would also prove the veracity of the Bible.

There is also the prediction in Malachi 4:6 that Elijah will return to herald the end of days, this may link to Revelation 7:2 which predicts an angel from the East. It is interesting that Nostradamus makes a very similar prediction. In his quatrain X: 75 he says, “Long awaited he will not return in Europe but will appear in deepest Asia. One of the league issued from great Hermes; and he becomes the most powerful of kings in the Orient.” It appears that Nostradamus expects a messenger from deepest Asia, which could mean Australasia but says he will become the most powerful of Kings in the Orient unfortunately no powerful figure that fits that description is obvious today. Until Elijah is recognised as a leader in the East (or Nostradamus is wrong) then we may assume that we are not as close to the End Times as some signs indicate. In his time Jesus implied that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnate, announcing the coming of the Messiah. We may be well justified in asking that if so many Biblical and other prophecies appear to be eventuating, where is Elijah? We can assume because prophecies after the time of Jesus (particularly Revelation and Nostradamus) indicate a messenger that John the Baptist is not Elijah or that he will return even as a different person.

In my next blog I will examine some of the predictions that eerily seem to explain current events.

Further information on prophecy is explained in my latest book which endeavours to bring a little more light to the darkness that is creeping over the world; or visit my website for more links and information.