Saturday, 21 March 2015


This blog is a break from my usual topics of space, time, gravity and other more material discussions but is one I felt needed to be presented at this time. It is an interesting concept and one which some scientists have begun investigating as we learn more about the structure of the universe and connections at the quantum level. Quantum entanglement may be more pervasive than previously imagined.

The subject that I am reviewing at present is the principle of karma. Reading the news on any day of the week we see countless acts of cruelty and evil, many being perpetrated in the name of G0d. There are millions who are deliberately or unknowingly and unsparingly creating the worst type of karma for the entire planet.

Karma is the law of moral causation, it is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism or as stated in Biblical terms, “As ye sew so shall ye reap”. The most prominent example of the principle given in scripture is the story of Jacob’s son Joseph. Joseph was one of Jacob’s youngest but he had prophetic dreams that he would rise to great power and his brothers would bow down before him.

This was not a popular thought for the brothers and so they plotted to kill him, the eldest of the brothers was against this and so when the chance came to sell him as a slave they elected to take this alternative course of action.

Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt but eventually his prophetic ability saw him rise to a position of power, becoming Pharaoh’s second in command. When drought hit the region Joseph’s brothers had to go to Egypt to buy grain but failed to recognise Pharaoh’s official as their younger brother and did in fact bow down to him just as Joseph had predicted.

When Joseph eventually revealed his identity the family moved to Egypt where their karma would be completed. A new pharaoh came to power and enslaved all the descendents of Israel and so the karma for selling one brother into slavery was the enslavement of all the Hebrews.

The tribe was eventually redeemed from slavery under the leadership of Moses but involved demonstrating a willingness to follow the commandments of the Almighty. Israel is often referred to as G0d’s chosen people, this simply means chosen to receive G0d’s word and bring it to the rest of the world. The choosing however was a two way street the Hebrews had to choose to obey and signify this by placing lamb’s blood on the door, the Almighty knows who lives where and doesn’t need a mark on a door to find Hebrews but needed to know who was willing to choose to follow his ways; implying an element of cause and effect a karmic principle missing from replacement theologies.

Our arrogant belief that we know everything and are the smartest beings in existence leads us to disregard ancient concepts such as karma, possibly to our own detriment.   Many old principles are regarded as outdated and people see no reason to ensure that they are honest, trustworthy or kind; a type of fatalistic and hopeless attitude pervades society along with an attitude of “whatever”. This self destructive attitude is not conducive to a sound society or a civilisation that can survive; nor can a society which exists based on the hatred of others fulfill the necessary requirements for a continued existence. It would appear that there is a very real possibility that without a substantial change in the attitude of all people the human race is destined to follow the dinosaurs into the annals of history.

Unless of course Biblical prophecy is correct and one third will be spared by the mercy of the Almighty. Scripture quotes the Almighty as saying, “I will sweep you away from the face of the Earth, two thirds shall be destroyed but one third shall be preserved; but that third I will bring though the fire and refine like fine gold.” It is strange that the Bible predicts that percentage because a survey conducted across several different countries found that only one third of the population are religious and pray every day, quite a coincidence. The one third that are predicted to be spared are those who are willing to lead a life based on righteousness, justice, kindness and mercy.