Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Final Days

People who both read the Bible and watch the news are amazed and concerned; there can be little doubt that many of the events that make up today’s headlines are the fulfilment of Biblical prophecies. There are a plethora of religious sites that list and compare many of these events and an internet search will reveal thousands of predictions relevant to almost every headline. Much of the world does not know enough about the Bible or religion, and regards those who believe as possibly a little strange or simply misguided by ancient superstitions. The actions of the United Nations against Israel and the animosity of so many against Jews and Israel is in fact a Biblical prophecy.
Biblical prophecies warn that in the “Final Days” every hand will be against Israel and that Jerusalem will be a stumbling block and a burden for the nations. Recent actions particularly from the Muslim world and European nations clearly indicate that these prophecies are being fulfilled and can leave little doubt that we are experiencing the final days. The prophecies also warn that the end will come “as a flood” or many events very quickly and the end will be sudden; changing both the Earth and its inhabitants in an instant.
Many have little doubt that we are approaching a time of trouble such as has never been seen; ancient writings suggest that people alive in the final days are to be both pitied and envied. We are about to see miracles as in the days of Noah and Moses, but the Creator did not make the world and man just to be destroyed and although many will perish; as Jacob’s son Joseph said. “And God sent me before you to save you a remnant on the Earth and to save you alive for a great deliverance.” Genesis 45:7 
It appears that the predicted deliverance is about to arrive any day and despite studying scripture and the writings of many I admit that I am still uncertain about how and when events will unfold; I also believe that the more certain one claims to be about the arrival of Biblical events the more likely they are to be wrong. I have no problem with prophecies because I experience both precognitive and premonitory events where I either “see” or simply “know” things before they happen; unfortunately I have no control over what or when I will see. That control could have made me very wealthy but it would have distracted me from studying the physics of how prophecy is actually possible. I would no doubt not have bothered to write the books I have written (and listed on my website) if I was busy creating wealth just for wealth’s sake.
In my youth had little real interest in religion preferring sport, business, hunting, fishing and prospecting for gold. I did fit in some study to learn what I needed to earn a living and to try and ascertain why I would have dreams or visions that should not have been possible if our understanding of the universe was accurate. Shortly after WWII as a small child I contracted pneumonia which left me asthmatic; it was this that eventually led me to a true spiritual awakening. A respiratory arrest and what I refuse to call a “near death experience” because I was dead, gone and facing my maker; but was sent back.
Although the experience opened my eyes to a wider reality it did not fill in the blanks; that has taken study, and I have been surprised to find that an amazing amount of information is now available. It does take careful consideration and examination because many present what are often very fanciful ideas with no relevance to scripture or fact, but people read something and create their own erroneous vision. We can only be certain by reading the Bible for ourselves and thinking on what it really says but there are also some very good study guides available.
We certainly live in very exciting and frightening times, alerted by prophecy that when the time comes two thirds of those on Earth will perish but those who are redeemed will be brought to a wonderful new life. The things that we are advised will save us are kindness, justice, righteous and mercy; we are warned that “as ye sew so ye reap”, or in the words of Jesus, “As you do to the least of my brethren so too you do unto me”. No one can expect salvation if he harms others; lies, cheats, steals murders or does any of those acts forbidden in scripture. We are also assured that those who will be saved are those who call on the Almighty who will answer, just as in the days of Moses those who marked their door with the blood of the lamb were saved so too will it be again. Ignore the word and perish, laugh and deride but remember that the consensus has been severely wrong recently for example the vote for Britain to leave Europe could never pass, Donald Trump could never be elected president of the USA but surprises await the unprepared.
Scripture is full of parables and warnings don’t be like Esau who sold his heritage for a bowl of pottage, or the sons of Jacob who condemned Israel to four hundred years of slavery by selling their brother Joseph into bondage in Egypt. The offer of redemption and salvation is in scripture ignore at your peril. Society today has given way to political correctness and those who follow the Bible are accused of all types of bigotry, but the real bigotry comes from those who deny scripture and condone violence and sexual deviance as acceptable behaviour.

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