Friday, 5 December 2008

The Theory Of Everything.

In books, blogs and WebPages I have explained many things but widespread acceptance of my hypothesis has been slow. This can be explained by a number of reasons but several main objections stand out;

Time must be quantized for quantum mechanics to reconcile with relativity, and although I provided evidence of this in the book “Physics, God and the End Of The World” other evidence suggests that time is not quantized. This anomaly is explainable by the concept that time itself is relative both in the rate at which it progresses and in relation to our position in the time continuum.
Another stumbling block is the concept that in a universe where all time exists in a single instant, or dimension, the existence of a Supreme Being is more probable than not. A driving force from outside our dimension is the most logical answer to many of the structures we observe.
Recent discoveries show that according to the conventional model of particle physics, protons and neutrons comprise smaller particles known as quarks, which in turn are bound by gluons. The odd thing is this: the mass of gluons is zero and the mass of quarks is only five percent. Where, therefore, is the missing 95 per cent? This is exactly the same as the problem facing cosmologists who are also unable to locate 95% of the universe.

In my hypothesis I explained that the present moment in time is the five percent that we can detect, the past exists as dark matter and that which we are yet to experience (the future) exists as dark energy. It is therefore the past and the future that make up the 95% of the universe that cosmologists and particle physicists are unable to detect. Minkowski demonstrated that we live in a four dimensional universe and Planck showed that only specific discrete quanta react one with another. Newton presented that gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance and Einstein showed that velocity and the strength of a gravitational field affect the rate at which time passes. All these are demonstrable accepted facts.

When Hubble proved that the universe is expanding it should have been apparent to all that the rate at which time passes must accelerate under these conditions, thus explaining how past present and future can all exist at the same instant. This structure can explain a multitude of current apparent anomalies such as dark matter, dark energy, the Pioneer Anomaly, gravity waves, stars that appear older than the universe and even the rapid expansion of the early universe.

The down side is that the projected “Big Rip” (when all matter disintegrates due to the increasingly rapid expansion of the universe) is much closer than previously calculated। Just as an accelerating rocket reaches escape velocity and escapes gravity so too will our expansion achieve a form of escape velocity.
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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dark Matter and Dark Energy prove time theory.

What is the universe made up of? Is it made of stars and galaxies, hydrogen gas or planets like ours? The truth is that scientists just do not know what makes up over seventy-five percent of our universe. Most of our understanding of the universe revolves around what we call the Standard Model. This is a theory that explains atomic particles, the structure of atoms and the ways they react and it explains these very well; but there are a number of anomalies that science cannot explain particularly when it comes to the large scale structure of the universe. Cosmologists today generally agree on a structure known as the Concordance Model and even though this and the Standard model predict the outcome of experiments and describe things before we even discover them there are still a number of observations that we just cannot explain.
The most perplexing of these problems are the horizon problem, dark matter, dark energy, and the Pioneer Anomaly. The horizon problem is our first puzzle, it arises because our universe is too uniform; the edges are twenty-eight billion light years apart and nothing can travel faster than the speed of light so there is no way heat radiation could have travelled between the two horizons to even out the hot and cold spots created in the big bang and leave the thermal equilibrium we see now.

The next puzzle is dark matter. In the late 1970s, Vera Rubin an astronomer working at the Carnegie Institute in Washington DC, discovered there is not enough mass in distant galaxies to produce the observed spin. The response from physicists was to suggest there must be more matter out there than we can see and they call this unexplained material Dark matter. Then in 1998, astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding at ever-faster speeds, until then, everyone thought the universe's expansion was slowing down after the big bang they coined the term Dark energy to explain this strange acceleration.

Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972 and Pioneer 11 followed a year later but something has been pulling, or pushing them enough to have shifted Pioneer 10 over 400,000 kilometres off track. NASA lost touch with Pioneer 11 in 1995, but up to that point it was being subjected to exactly the same deviation as its sister probe. A multitude of theories have been considered in the effort to explain these abnormalities but none has provided a provable solution. Strings, branes and other concepts are less able to solve the mysteries than is the Standard Model hypothesis.

Einstein’s theories form the foundation of our understanding and one of the physicists on whose work Einstein based his concepts was Ernst Mach. Mach’s Principle is a term coined by Einstein in 1918; although Einstein later abandoned the principle when it was realized that inertia is implicit in the geodesic equation of motion and need not depend on the existence of matter elsewhere in the universe. The core of "Mach's Principle" is something like this: the inertia of a body is determined in relation to all other bodies in the universe (in short, "matter there governs inertia here"). Mach reputedly claimed that, “All masses and all velocities, and consequently all forces, are relative. There is no decision about relative and absolute which we can possibly meet, to which we are forced, or from which we can obtain any intellectual or other advantage.” In other words Mach extended relativity to include even the velocity of light, an idea not disproved by Einstein but not really understood within the framework of the relativity theories. Despite the fact that Einstein’s time dilation concept should lead us to no other conclusion.

In 1989 my book (The Time Illusion) explained that time itself varies, a concept that can explain not only the problems confounding cosmologists but also many questions of quantum physics such as the nature of Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders and account for so called “paranormal” events. It was not until the discovery of dark energy and the Pioneer Anomaly followed by advances in mathematics (particularly iterated polynomials) that I was able to fully calculate the nature and effect of these changes in time and how they explain the structure of the universe. The result was published in my 2006 book (Physics God and the End of the World) which presented not only a model describing the nature of time and the structure of the universe but also explained prophecy and the paranormal. It concluded that the existence of a Supreme Being is more probable than not; a deduction guaranteed to alienate one from much of the scientific mainstream.

In order to understand the structure of spacetime and Mach’s Principle and how these describe the mysteries of the universe we must first have a proper understanding of gravity. Not simply knowledge of the mathematics but a proper understanding of how matter, energy and time respond to the influence of gravitational force.

Newton’s laws of gravity state, “Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle. With a force whose direction is that of the joining of the two, and whose magnitude is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance from each other”. When particles come together in sufficient numbers, the combined gravitational force has an effect on the structure of atoms and molecules, for example, calculations show the matter at the centre of the Earth to be under pressure equal 3.7 million times that of air pressure at sea level. In the centre of stars matter is so compressed by the force of gravity that the electron shells collapse into a kind of electronic fluid in which atomic nuclei move about freely, colliding at speed and fusing to generate the heat that keeps the star burning. The material at the centre of the Earth is compressed to the extent that the atoms there have only about 85% of the diameter that they would have on the surface. The mass concentrated in the Earth’s core is calculated to be about 12 g/cm3, far denser than the Earth’s average density of about 5.52 g/cm3. The Earth has about 31.5% of its mass concentrated in only 16.2% of its volume in the relatively small core.

Because gravitational force is directly proportional to the mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the centre of gravity, the size of an object has a direct correlation to its gravitational field. Examples of this are found by comparing Earth and the Moon or Earth and Jupiter. Earth contains 81 times as much mass as the moon but its gravity is not 81 times that of the Moon. Because Earth has a radius 3.663 times larger than the Moon, and as gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance we need to divide 81 by 3.6632 (13.44) to find that Earth’s gravity is 6 times greater than that of the Moon, similarly even though Jupiter has more than a thousand times the mass of the Earth its surface gravity is less than three times that of the Earth. This principle becomes important when we begin to examine the universe, when the universe had expanded half as much as it has today its gravitational field would have been the square of what it is today.

We now consider the effect of the expanding universe on the constants G and C and of recent observations that indicate a variation in those constants. Hypotheses such as Modified Newtonian Dynamics, called MOND by its founder, Mordecai Milgrom, or Jacob Bekenstein’s relativistic covariant theory of gravity (TeVeS), published in 2004 question the accuracy of the Standard Model and propose alternatives. Professor Joao Mageeijo of Imperial College, London proposes that the speed of light is variable, a concept not proved but possibly somewhat supported by observations from the Parkes Radio Telescope in N.S.W. that showed anomalies in the light from distant stars. Professor Davies from Macquarie University in Sydney calculated that the reason was that light from the stars was not travelling at the speed, which is normally constant for light.

It is my contention that both G and C are constant, and as immutable as π and that perceived variations are illusory but explainable within the framework of the Standard Model. These variations are produced by the expansion of the universe and its diminishing density. In accordance with Mach’s Principle gravity is completely determined by the mass-energy distribution of the universe and the universe’s gravitational field will decrease as the universe expands. We need to be specific as to whether we are describing gravitational field or force; field is variable, force is not. We have found no reason to question any of the other forces by which particles react one to another, neither the strong or weak nuclear forces nor electromagnetic force, it is therefore logical to assume that gravitational force is also constant.

Density of mass determines the strength of its gravitational field, distances between objects in the universe have been increasing since the big bang and the universe now is far larger than when it began, therefore the universe’s mass is no longer as dense as the original universe. This concept proposes that dark matter, dark energy and other apparent anomalies are a natural product of the standard model subject to a variation relevant to Hubble’s constant. This also provides an explanation of the structure of both time and gravity. In an earlier denser universe even atomic particles would be more closely aligned just as the particles within the Earth’s core are compressed. Because the early universe was denser than it is at present; time passed more slowly than it does today and because time is the very essence of our calculation of speed (V=d/t) a variation in the rate at which time passes will effect the speed of light and our entire understanding of the universe.

In Special Relativity the relationship between the passage of time and velocity is explained, we can summarise this explanation simply by saying that the total velocity in both the time dimension and the spatial dimension is always equal. That is;

time velocity2 + spatial velocity2 = c2

in other words the faster we move through space the slower we move through time.

A great deal has been written about gravitational effect on the passage of time and there are points (such as the event horizon of a black hole) where gravitational forces become so powerful that time appears to stop (relative to a distant observer). The “normal” rate at which time passes can only occur where there is no mass and where there is mass the rate of progression is determined according to the amount of gravitational force or inertia at that particular point. Mass, gravity and inertia are all the same force and as we can measure gravity by how much objects accelerate toward each other and it is inertia or resistance to movement in time that creates gravity we can then show that correlation as;

time velocity2 + Gravity2 = c2

just as time and space must always equal c2 so too must gravity and time.

The decrease in the gravitational field of the universe means that every historic particle has a greater density than the equivalent particle today, every historic particle is in fact a WIMP (Weakly Interactive Massive Particle) creating the illusion that distant galaxies contain more mass than we can ascertain (dark matter).

The use of smaller units of time with each measurement of an event (i.e. the expansion of the universe) creates an illusion that the expansion is rapidly increasing (dark energy) when it is actually the units by which we measure time that are shrinking. A similar problem occurs when we observe objects over a long period of time (Pioneer spacecraft) they appear to be changing pace but it is actually our measuring device (clock) that is changing. We can use this anomaly to provide the basis for a simple thought experiment to demonstrate that time is accelerating. We can pick some arbitrary numbers to demonstrate the time difference, let us assume the Pioneer spacecraft was launched at 40,000km per hour and is now 400,000km from its projected position, this represents ten hours of travel time. Thus indicating that the total amount by which time has accelerated in the 36 years since launch date is ten hours.

The concepts propounded by Newton and Einstein and already accepted as the cornerstones of modern physics can explain anomalies such as dark matter and dark energy. By looking for more complex puzzles we are ignoring the obvious basic solution, additionally the very existence of these anomalies is proof that the theory first published in 1989 is correct and time does indeed accelerate as the universe expands.


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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Carbon Facts

The Australian Government has embarked on a course of developing a carbon trading scheme that will see new taxes levied all carbon producing activities. This government claims that this will provide relief from global warming and protect the environment; unfortunately these claims are not supported by the facts.

1. It is not conclusively proved that carbon is the cause of global warming, or that it is even a significant factor.
2. NASA has shown that warming levels similar to those on Earth are occurring on both Jupiter and Mars and neither of these have a carbon emissions problem.
3. Global temperatures are always highest at solar minimum when the reduced solar wind allows higher cosmic microwave radiation to enter the solar system.
4. Cosmic microwaves have been demonstrated to have a warming effect on upper atmospheric clouds. (See U.S. Govt’s “Living with a star workshop”)
5. The Sun is currently at solar minimum having produced few sunspots in the last three years. This is slightly longer than the average minimum but is not cause for alarm.
6. Carbon is simply a convenient taxable product that governments have selected as a source of additional revenue.
7. Carbon levels are historically high but have been significantly higher at periods in Earth’s history.

Even if, as it appears, carbon is not a serious contributing factor in climate change we should not ignore increases. The more practical method of combating increased carbon levels is to plant more trees and preserve forest areas. Oceans also absorb large amounts of carbon which is utilised by aquatic plants in the same manner as landlocked vegetation; ocean pollution has damaged some aquatic plants reducing the amount of carbon absorbed. None of these problems is being seriously addressed at present.

Governments will no doubt continue on their way to generate extra revenue for themselves and create carbon taxes. We can only hope that when they do they also tackle the hidden carbon emissions such as those involved in importing goods. The Australian Government for example produced a list of those cars that produce the most carbon and at the top of the list were two locally produced vehicles. The fact that thousands of tons of fuel oil have been consumed to bring imported vehicles into the country has been totally ignored and although these imports may use less fuel the carbon emissions generated to import them offsets the emissions associated with the local vehicles.

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Monday, 30 June 2008

Prophetic Summary

This blog site and the Prophecyline website were produced to make clear how prophecy and predictions are explainable within our understanding of physics. I began the study knowing that these things were possible because of my own precognitive and premonitory experiences. Being an otherwise normal rational person I realised that there had to be scientific justification, as I do not believe in so called “paranormal” events, so I began to study all possible relevant literature. The study has directed me to the conclusions presented in my previous blogs and now as a way of summary I will give a number of explanations and predictions that the reader can use as a means to determine the accuracy of my conclusions.

The belief in a seven year period of tribulation has many religious people looking for strange signs and events to demonstrate that Biblical predictions are being fulfilled. The seven year tribulation however is not that apparent. In various verses the Bible tells us that people will be living normally up until the last moments, “as in the days of Noah”. If we use this and examine the Noah story as a guide we see that during the years of the construction of the Ark, Noah was ridiculed and derided. Similarly religious people who suggest that Biblical predictions are taking place suffer the same fate and academics who dare to suggest the same or research and investigate Biblical credibility are dismissed as unstable or deluded. Although a recent survey in Holland discovered that the majority of respondents to a poll in that country expect the world to end in 2012.

A prophecy that has undoubtedly occurred is the return of the dispersed Jews to their homeland. Biblical scripture cites the Almighty as saying, “I will gather you back to the land that I promised to your forefathers.” It was the actions of men that brought about the prediction, no great fist from heaven sweeping up Jews and gathering them back to the Holy Land. Instead there was a Holocaust forcing Jews from their comfortable European homes and leaving them nowhere else to go, but to return to the land of their ancestors. It is obvious from this that the predictions will occur quietly, without fanfare and most people will not even notice events unfolding.

The seven year period of tribulation has begun, it commenced on Boxing Day 2005 with an earthquake and tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people. Since that time storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and wars have killed even more. The unsettling thing is that this is only the beginning of woes; things are going to get progressively worse. The vast majority of the population will not even notice how much more serious natural disasters are or how much more frequent they have become. Statisticians are already commenting on the far greater number of natural disasters occurring today in comparison to the 1980s and prior. These problems will continue until mid 2011 when a comet will be seen on a collision course with the Earth. When the comet is destroyed it will be explained as a natural event. People will refuse to believe that it has been predicted or that the destruction has anything to do with Biblical prophecy.

Given the 2005 commencement we can calculate that the seven year tribulation can be expected to end in December 2012, which date is found in many other end time predictions. Mayan calendars and Nostradamus all claim an end time date coinciding with an astrological alignment that occurs at that time. Most people simply write this off as superstition, delusion or coincidence but the evidence is mounting that something else is happening; there is a structure beyond what we perceive. Recent physics theories involving strings, ‘branes and ten dimensions parallel ancient mystic writings so closely that it is becoming increasingly apparent that both are closing in on analogous conclusions. Science has yet to concede that there is a Supreme Being but dimensional theory does acknowledge dimensions outside our normal spacetime universe where such a being may exist, religion calls this dimension Heaven. It is possible that the unification of both schools of thought may occur in the last days of this period, complete understanding and awareness might be the culmination of history and the dawning of a new age.

The largest stumbling block in any reconciliation of science, religion and prophecy is the prediction of the resurrection of the dead. To most people it sounds like a case of wishful thinking but that is partly because most people are unaware of just how subjective our universe appears. All interpretation of what we perceive occurs internally, it may or may not be the same as others perceive but it is shaped by our own paradigm. What we expect is what we get, if we see oblivion as the end result of the universe then that is what we will inherit. Quantum physicists are sometimes reluctant to admit it but there are provable forces that exist outside the visible realms and these appear to react to the expectations of observers. Those who have faith in something beyond will go on to experience it, but it is necessary to be in harmony with what lies beyond. Just as anti-matter and matter annihilate each other so to will the disruptive psyche disappear when in contact with the energies that are the source of all being. Just as a snowflake melts in the sun those not in harmony will be overcome and evaporate.

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Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Gravity Key

The key to understanding the structure of the universe comes from understanding how gravity works. It has taken two books to cover the topic so a blog page is only able to give the barest of brief descriptions. Gravity is the force that holds the whole universe together. There are four forces in all, two nuclear forces that only act inside the atom, electromagnetic force that binds atoms together into molecules and various compounds but this comes in both positive and negative and is more or less in balance. Then there is gravity, the weakest but most far reaching of all the forces it draws matter together to form planets and stars and even giant galaxies.

Newton’s laws of gravity state, “Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle. With a force whose direction is that of the joining of the two, and whose magnitude is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance from each other”. Because gravitational force affected by the distance from the centre of gravity, the size of an object has a direct correlation to its gravitational field. Examples of this are found by comparing Earth and the Moon or Earth and Jupiter. Earth contains 81 times as much mass as the moon but its gravity is not 81 times that of the Moon. Because Earth has a radius 3.663 times larger than the Moon, and as gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance we need to divide 81 by 3.6632 (13.44) to find that Earth’s gravity is 6 times greater than that of the Moon, similarly even though Jupiter is more than a thousand times the mass of the Earth its surface gravity is less than three times that of the Earth. This principle becomes important when we begin to examine the universe, when the universe had only expanded half as much as it has today its gravitational field would have been the square of what it is today.

One of science’s current aims is to discover the nature of the strange dark matter that apparently makes up ninety percent of the universe. Vera Rubin, an astronomer working at the Carnegie Institution's department of terrestrial magnetism in Washington DC in the late 1970s, noticed that galaxies should be falling apart, there is not enough mass in observed galaxies to produce the visible spin. The best response from physicists was to suggest there is more stuff out there than we can see. The trouble was nobody could explain what this "dark matter" was. Maybe we can't work out what dark matter is because it does not exist. That's certainly the way Rubin would like it to turn out. "If I could have my pick, I would like to learn that Newton's laws must be modified in order to correctly describe gravitational interactions at large distances," she says. "That's more appealing than a universe filled with a new kind of sub-nuclear particle." Each time we look at a distant object we are actually looking back in time and we are observing a denser universe with a stronger gravitational field Newton was right but at astronomical distances we must modify our calculation (Newton’s equations) of a gravitational field by Hubble’s constant (H) or the rate at which the universe expands.

There is a way to confirm that this hypothesis is correct, if dark matter is due to the expansion of the universe and the diminishing of its gravitational field there will be more of it the more distant from Earth, or further back in time that we observe. Recent astronomical observations confirm that this is in fact the situation.

Dark energy is one of the most famous, and most embarrassing, problems in physics. In 1998, astronomers discovered that the universe is expanding at ever-faster speeds, until then everyone thought the universe's expansion was slowing down after the big bang. "Theorists are still floundering around, looking for a sensible explanation," says cosmologist Katherine Freese of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. One suggestion is that some property of empty space is responsible, but all attempts to pin it down have fallen woefully short. The property that has been previously overlooked is the effect of gravity on the passage of time. Time passes more slowly in a gravitational field, when compared to an outside observer; this is known from Relativity and has been proved by experiment. What this means is that when the universe was smaller and more compact not only was its gravitational field stronger than it is today time was passing more slowly than it is today. As the universe expands becoming less dense and time accelerates our observations are distorted when we try to measure time. The expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating but it is actually our units of time (seconds) that are getting smaller (shorter) creating the illusion that the expansion is speeding up.

There are a great many other observations that support this concept and evidence that demonstrates that the hypothesis is correct. Once we can verify these known scientific results the outcome demonstrates that time travel, prophecy and prediction are not only possible but probable.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008


That life even exists on Earth is a miracle; in previous blogs I have written about the fine tuning of nature that makes existence possible. We can extend that further in that each of us represents a chain of miracles that add up to whom we are, and to have been created from the countless ancestors who have each contributed to the DNA sequence that makes us a unique individual being. The chances of an individual living long enough to become a parent is reasonably good in many societies today, but that has not always been the case. Throughout history the chances of not being killed by hunger, a predator or disease as a child has been greater than the chance of surviving. Added to this; as recently as Greek and Roman times unwanted children were simply killed or discarded to the “gods”. In some societies today it is not regarded as a crime to do away with children or those of whom we do not approve. Even in some so called civilised countries “honour killings” are still an accepted way of life.

One of the greatest dangers to the existence of human life on Earth has always been our fellow man. The wars of the twentieth century claimed more lives than probably all the wars that had gone before and in the last two thousand years for every year of peace we have experienced nine years of war. The miracle of life itself is only overshadowed by the miracle that we have not destroyed ourselves and the planet already, but there is still time. An estimated 80,000,000 human beings were murdered in the course of the 20th century (not including war casualties), and they were all murdered by atheists such as Amin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin. We can each of us as survivors thank the miracle of birth that ensured that we either were not born under one of these murderous regimes or if we were that we somehow survived.

Our Judeo-Christian society was, until recently, religious to its core this has given our civilisation its basic values; respect for human life, peace, justice, equality before the law, education, and social responsibility. Today outspoken atheists insist that religion is the source of all evil but it is men who perpetrated the evil; usually in direct opposition to the principles they were professing to promote. The most heinous evils however were perpetrated by men who disavowed any religious affiliation. As our society becomes ever more secular the risk of annihilation grows daily, the greatest miracle of all - life itself – hangs by a thread.

The miracles that brought humanity to this point are about to be tested in the next few years and the greatest miracle of all will be that any might survive. We are regularly presented with views of starving children and requests for assistance and aid, this is not new these requests have been seeking our charity for decades. We are today being asked to support the children of those we helped twenty or thirty years ago. Why? Are these people so inept they cannot feed themselves? Why do they live in drought ravaged countries, why can’t they store food supplies in years when there is no drought?

The sorry truth is we can produce the food needed for these people and they can produce food themselves, but politics and war prevent it or drive them from their homes. All the world’s famines and poverty are man made. Hunger, war and the risk of a new pandemic grow daily as the World’s population grows. The US census bureau records the rate of births and deaths in the world to calculate current populations and estimates that on May 10th 2008 the world population will reach six and two third billions (6,666,666,666). Most of these people will be living in poverty or under threat from inept or repressive government or local hostilities the dangers of war, famine and pestilence grow daily and in recent months food prices have been soaring as farming costs rise in response to oil prices and bio-fuels become more attractive crops than food further pressuring these people. Food riots have already occurred in countries such as Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines. We can expect this type of reaction to become more common as prices rise and supplies become scarcer, our wealthy western societies will have to be content with less and provide more aid to poverty stricken nations or face a world wide battle for the limited resources that remain.

Food riots will degenerate into civil wars and governments can be expected to fall we must be prepared to bargain with food for peace or face the risk of rogue nations being prepared to sacrifice populations in an effort to supply them with food. Sometimes war might seem to be a logical answer, allow a nation to starve or conquer a neighbour.

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Prophetic Subtlety.

A major purpose of the Prophecyline Website is to establish the true nature of time partly by demonstrating that predicting the future is possible. It is only possible for this to occur if the universe exists in a unitary entity of spacetime as described by Einstein and Minkowski (also known as a block universe). In reading what many others have had to say about predictions it is amazing how many different interpretations there are of each prediction. No doubt the large number of fanciful notions and concepts that have been promoted has done more to turn people away from examining the possibilities than even the most avid atheist or any scientific hypothesis. Atheists have long promoted Darwin’s theory as proof that there is no Creator and that the Bible is little more than a collection of myths and legends. In modern Western Society it is probable that a majority of people hold this view, and consider the Bible as simply an ancient moral story rather than the actual word of a living holy being.

The main thing that stands as a challenge to this paradigm is Biblical Prophecy, most of which is either very obscure or has definitely never occurred. There are a number of predictions that appear to have occurred but the relevant passages are vague enough to be challenged. There are however two prophecies which have undeniably occurred, not however in the manner in which we might have expected from an omnipotent supreme being but simply as the result of the actions of humans. The first is of course the dispersion or scattering of the Israelites among the nations of the world threatened and predicted by many ancient prophets such as; Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and others and fulfilled when the Romans destroyed the Temple and banished Jews from Jerusalem. The prediction simply occurred without any obvious divine intervention, those expecting to see miraculous signs were sorely disappointed.

The second prophecy that has undoubtedly occurred is the return of the dispersed Jews to their homeland. Biblical scripture cites the Almighty as saying, “I will gather you back to the land that I promised to your forefathers.” It was the actions of men that again brought about the prediction, no great fist from heaven sweeping up the Jews and gathering them back to the Holy Land. Instead there was a Holocaust forcing Jews from their comfortable European homes and leaving them nowhere else to go, but to return to the land of their ancestors. The worrying aspect of this prediction is not that it has eventuated but the timing of it, because the prediction is also a dating for, “the days of the end”. The re-establishment of an Israelite homeland is predicted to be a precursor to an apocalypse and judgement day.

Whether we want to consider the Bible a work of fiction or not is irrelevant, the fact is that these two events have been predicted and have occurred, despite the efforts of many to prevent the second. It is therefore not illogical to anticipate the occurrence of other predicted events. Those waiting for signs and omens will probably be disappointed, for just as other events have passed and appeared to be just a natural outcome of preceding actions most of the prophecies will pass unnoticed by the majority of people. Biblical prophecy also predicts a gathering of “the armies of the world” as a precursor to a battle at Har Megiddo (Armageddon). Most people have not even noticed the build up of forces in the Middle East. There are peace keepers on the Israel – Lebanon border and international troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, in all a total of forty nations currently have forces deployed across the region. There has been no obvious sign but again a Biblical prophecy seems to be taking shape before our eyes, except that most do not recognise it, but surely the military forces of forty nations could be considered a gathering of “the armies of the world”.

We should not be surprised that we do not recognise prophecies when they eventuate because this has also been predicted; prophecy says that most people will be unaware and in denial. In various verses the Bible tells us that people will be living normally up until the last moments, “as in the days of Noah”. If we use this and examine the Noah story as a guide we see that during the years of the construction of the Ark, Noah was ridiculed and derided. Similarly religious people who suggest that Biblical predictions are taking place suffer the same fate and academics who dare to suggest the same or research and investigate Biblical credibility are dismissed. A recently released documentary titled, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, took in $3.2 million in its opening weekend. The movie stars Ben Stein, who interviews scientists and professors who have been blacklisted, lost tenure, and in some cases were fired for questioning Darwinian evolution and wanting to teach intelligent design. There is a determination in modern society to stifle all debate about religion and deny the possibility of any kind of spirituality.

This attack on religious study and belief should also come as no surprise because this too was predicted; by attacking those who have a religious belief atheists are fulfilling Biblical prophecy. The predictions also indicate that this persecution of religious belief will continue and will become more aggressive. There will be no obvious signs and only those familiar with scripture will continue to notice the apparent fulfilment of predictions and then the prophecies say, “The end will come as a flood”. In other words a great many predicted events will happen in a very short time. There is also a reference to two witnesses, some scholars claim that these are symbolic and refer to churches while others see them as real people; the real people theory appears logical as the prediction says that when they are killed their bodies will lie in the street for three days and the people of the Earth will rejoice at their demise. This indicates that there is nothing to demonstrate the hand of a Supreme Being in any event that precedes this or the world would not rejoice, but the prediction states that after three days the bodies will be revived by the Almighty and the whole world will be terrified at the sight.

The problem of recognising actual Biblical predictions is exacerbated by a multitude of self proclaimed prophets claiming to be genuine messengers of the Lord, invariably they are either selling books or collecting money and I have not yet seen confirmation of even one of them making a verifiable prediction. It probably seems like a pretty good way to make a few dollars because although the Bible says we can know a prophet because what he says will come to pass we cannot know about these people until some time in the future. Those who try to cash in on this are obviously unlikely to be real prophets because a real prophet will be careful not to break commandments such as taking the Lords name in vain. If you claim to have messages from the Almighty and you have “spoken presumptuously” then you haven taken his name in vain, no doubt many of these self proclaimed messengers have done just that. During the last 500 years only a few of many seers have been considered accurate so even though we might be close to the end times it is unlikely that hundreds of true prophets will appear. History has shown that prophets are rare and their message is usually unpopular and events unfold in subtle ways.

The apparent fulfilment of prophecy is just enough to tantalise and interest but there are no predictions definitive enough to identify events that could be declared proof positive. Atheists meanwhile continue to lobby strenuously to prevent any research into religious or paranormal subjects and the vigour with which these subjects are being attacked rivals the efforts of the inquisition. Some atheists it appears would happily capture the religious and burn them at the stake. Obviously, we will have to wait a little longer to see whether we really are in the end times and to prove that the prophecies that seem to have been fulfilled are not just coincidences. We can only hope that the freedom to examine these is not oppressed by those who are desperately attempting to prevent scientific investigation of what they regard as impossible, because failing to investigate phenomena is the most unscientific thing we can do.

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Palestine & Biblical Prophecy

There has been dispute over the Jewish homeland since Joseph brought his Father Jacob and his brothers with their families to Egypt. When the tribes had lived in Egypt for nearly three centuries and been enslaved Moses came on the scene to bring them back to the land that had been promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In order to claim the land back they had to evict the peoples who had occupied it during their time in Egypt.

Eventually the descendants of Abraham were able to restore the land and take up residence and the nation of Israel began। It consisted of separate states for each tribe and eventually the people united under one king and when David became king he claimed Jerusalem as the capital city. The nation of Israel was a major force in the ancient world until many drifted away from the strict theocratic rule becoming secular and dividing the kingdom. Without a unifying belief the land fell to invaders one after another; tribes were separated and dispersed with only the tribes of Benjamin and Judah remaining in Judea. Following defeat, and captivity in Babylon the people returned and rebuilt the Temple but subsequently were invaded and conquered first by the Greeks and then by the Romans. Eventually Rome expelled the Jews from Jerusalem, their capital, forbidding them entry and renamed the land Palestine. Many Jewish families remained in the rural areas but the religious leaders and learned members of society were either killed or sent to Rome or other Roman Provinces, completing the dispersion of the Jews in accordance with Biblical prophecy.

As if that were not enough the Bible also predicted that in the “end days” the dispersed Jews would be gathered back to the land promised to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (whom God had called Israel). For nearly two thousand years this seemed like the most ridiculous claim anyone could make, most Jews were living comfortably in Europe while Christian Crusaders and Muslim Arabs battled for what had been the Jewish homeland. Anciently the city of Jerusalem was conquered by Joshua, King David, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Antiochus Epiphanies, Roman emperors, Ottoman Turks and the Crusaders. In more recent times it was captured by the British, and ultimately its western half was given to the modern Israelis. During all this time Jerusalem has known precious little peace.
The Muslim Ottoman Empire controlled the region until WW1 when they were defeated and the British took control. At this time the Palestinian Mandate also included Jordan and other regions that had not been part of the original Jewish homeland. It seemed unbelievable that Jews could be gathered back to the Promised Land.

Following WW2 and the persecution of the Jews during the Holocaust many displaced Jews decided to make their way back to the traditional homeland and the United Nations divided the British controlled area of Palestine into Arab and Jewish areas. The state of modern Israel was created on the third day of the Jewish month of Lyyar, and the sixtieth anniversary of this will fall on May 8, 2008. The establishment of modern Israel is not the end of the story because despite fierce opposition and numerous attacks the tiny nation has survived sometimes miraculously and many of the events appear to be in fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy.

The fulfilment of prophecy appears to be happening in normal uneventful ways, no fire and brimstone no strange unexplained forces gathering people up and sweeping them off to their homeland. Events simply unfold causing the outcomes previously predicted. There are several further events expected to unfold before the predicted “end times” and using those that have already occurred as a guide we can expect these to pass almost unnoticed but the astute Bible student may see events that again indicate that Biblical prophecy is eventuating.

Another prediction that may soon be about to eventuate is a period of peace in the Middle East; as U.S. backed negotiations between Israel and Palestinian Arabs are expected to generate an agreement by the end of 2008 that would set up a Palestinian state in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem. In contradiction to statements by Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, the status of sections of Jerusalem is being negotiated but the specifics of any agreed Israeli withdrawals are as yet unclear.

Many Arab towns were constructed illegally on property owned by the Jewish National Fund, a Jewish non-profit organisation that purchases property using Jewish donor’s funds for the stated purpose of Jewish settlement, arrangements regarding these are vague. Israel is being pressured to commit further land to Arab interests despite the fact that previous land given in exchange for peace has not been honoured by any Arab faction. Instead this land simply becomes a launching site for further rocket attacks on Israeli targets. A period of respite is predicted to precede a future battle that will lead to the culmination of history. We do indeed live in very exciting times.

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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mysteries and Forces

There are only four forces by which atomic particles react one to another, these are the strong and weak nuclear forces, which only occur inside the nucleus of atoms. Gravity and electromagnetic force both of which are long range forces whose effects can be felt or detected at a great distance, but their strength declines as distance from the source increases. The entire universe is held together by these forces which are finely tuned to ensure that it does not simply fly apart or collapse instantly before any life could evolve. The more we discover about the nature of these forces and the way in which particles exist the more physicists and cosmologists raise the question as to whether there is an overseeing force that ensures this balance is maintained so that life can exist. This theory is called the “Anthropic Principle” and it suggests that the universe itself may be cognisant, aware of its own existence. This is remarkably similar to many religious concepts of a supreme being.

In a previous blog I reported on the effects of cosmic radiation on the solar system and how it controls and influences the sun and the planets. If the theory of the Anthropic Principle is correct this cosmic radiation or background microwave energy could be the energy of a conscious universe. We could be seeing the hand of the Almighty, not as a bewhiskered old gentleman but as a being of pure energy, energy that today we can detect and map. In effect for the first time in history we can come face to face with the Creator.

It is obvious that if this force is a conscious entity then even though it could control, in fact cause, the forces that bind the universe; action taken at any time must surely need to be subtle lest the whole fabric of the universe be destabilised. It would be necessary to utilise the assistance of sentient beings to achieve aims because to change the constants of creation just slightly would result in a chain reaction that could evaporate the universe entirely. To be this subtle results in the majority of living creatures being totally oblivious to the action taken or even to the existence of the Creator who takes the action.

There is a belief among many people both religious and secular that something is about to happen, some fulfilment of prophecy. Some of this concept has a Biblical origin but not all, the myths, legends and beliefs of many different cultures include a common conviction that there will be an end to the world. Many have tried to describe the end time events prophesied in the Bible and some quite spectacular theories abound. Events related to an end time need not be obvious except to a few enlightened souls until the very last moments. Today there are groups whose studies have recognised various events as being those predicted by prophets both Biblical and material and who are convinced that the chain of events leading to the end time are well underway. The rest of the population goes on unaware and usually settles for a joke or two at the expense of the religious. The seeds of destruction have been planted in this attitude and like the growing crop under the ground will suddenly bloom all around. Even religious groups do not always recognise events instead wait for their own imagined revelations to show the way.

Biblical prophecy indicates that when events have happened in the past few have known in advance and even when prophets spoke out they were mocked and derided, until the events they predicted occurred. Noah was reportedly a source of great amusement to the people of his time. Jeremiah complained of being attacked and maligned; every prophet appears to have been ignored at best and mocked or condemned to death at worst. It is understandable today because over the years many cults and false prophets have made outrageous predictions and none has occurred, but there is evidence that Biblical prophecy may not be wrong. Most people are not even aware of the wealth of information contained in the Bible or that its historical accuracy in many instances has been proved by archaeologists. The slight of hand that began with Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and Nietzsche’s proclamation in 1886 that “God is dead” has convinced most people that reading the Bible is unnecessary. The deception has been so complete that most people do not even know that since we developed DNA sequencing it has been shown that Darwin’s theory cannot explain evolution. When Darwin arrived on the scene there was great fanfare about disproving the Bible and how all was natural and random; survival of the fittest (no Creator) but once the theory was shown to be seriously flawed there was not a single question about whether the Biblical perspective could be correct.

Humanity does not want to believe in a higher power; our own vanity convinces us that we are the ultimate and highest form of existence. This is no different to those inquisitors who wanted to burn Galileo at the stake for daring to suggest that Earth is not the centre of the universe. Until we can actually see for ourselves most people will continue to laugh at predictions and religion, even though mounting scientific evidence shows that we are now closer to proving and understanding the existence of a higher power than at any other time in history.

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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Clover blog

We have all heard of the traditional four leaf clover and how lucky you are to find one well here is a five leaf clover. Because it is different to all the other clovers that once surrounded it I noticed it and picked it just for being special. It occurred to me at the time that we might walk past a patch of clover and not even notice that one of them has four or even five leaves and is special. We sometimes do the same thing with people we do not notice how special they might be, not that they could have five leaves but they may be different to us in other ways that make them unique.

In a world of turmoil and distrust we should all take a moment and reflect on this and think that although we are all different in some ways we all have needs that are similar we all need to feel safe and free from worry about the actions of others. To consider doing harm to another human being (no matter what your justification) is wrong. Once when our society believed in religion and reading the Bible was common most people knew absolutes of good and evil, but as society has become more secular and most people have never read the Bible and their definitions of right and wrong have become blurred.

In looking at this special little clover we should remember that the Almighty in his wisdom has created many differences but every one of them is special because he created them. It is up to us all to do our part to protect all of creation not just our environment but all the peoples of the world, even those who do not like us or wish us harm. Trust in the Almighty, have faith in him because justice will prevail.

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The End Time Debate.

Conjecture about an “end time” scenario has raged for many years, our early ancestors just accepted that it would come one day but as none of the predicted warning signs had occurred they could happily assume that it was well in the future. In the 1800s in America there began several new religions among them the Mormon and the Adventist movements. The Adventists were particularly concerned with the end time and examined various Biblical segments in an effort to predict when and how this end time would happen. It is their predictions that have greatly influenced modern thinking on this subject.

A major sign of the coming of the end times was the prediction that the Jewish people would be returned to the Promised Land before Judgement Day. Jews had become scattered throughout the world and only small numbers remained in the region of Judea which had been under the control of different regimes such as the Ottoman Empire until WW1 and then the British following the Turkish defeat in that war. In 1948 when Jews displaced by the Holocaust began returning to their traditional homeland the United Nations partitioned the region into Jewish and Arab sectors and the modern nation of Israel was born. Israel was immediately attacked by its Arab neighbours but prevailed as it has in half a dozen conflicts since; the survival of Israel is itself a miracle considering the impossible odds against it; but that may be the subject of a future blog.

Modern belief includes a number of theories that have fanciful notions about the events that will occur at the end time and some of these have no foundation at all in scripture they have merely served to support atheistic belief that nothing will happen. Probably the strangest of these is the theory of a “rapture” where true believers will be whisked away to heaven and not suffer the turmoil of the “tribulation”. There is no rapture; the word is not even mentioned in the Bible in fact the Bible says quite the opposite. Scripture actually says “I will sweep you away from the face of the Earth” two thirds of humanity will be destroyed but of the third that survives “One third will be spared but these I will bring through the fire that they be refined like fine gold”*. This certainly does not sound as though anyone will be spared tribulation. (*Zech 13:8-9)

Doubt about when the predicted end times might occur (or that anything will occur) is often expressed but through research for the ProphecyLine Website and my own experience and knowledge I can assure people that end times and a period of tribulation will happen but it will be nothing like the popular idea or a Hollywood portrayal. Nor will the future be anything like the apocalyptic film versions or the brave new world envisioned in “Star Trek” scenarios. Most of the tribulation will not be obvious to most people, only those religious souls who regularly read their Bible and watch daily news, will recognise predictions fulfilled. It will however gather momentum and toward the end it will be just as the Bible predicts, events will “happen in a flood”.

We are in the end times now; the war that will lead to the end time battle commonly referred to as Armageddon began with several events, one was when the terrorist group Hamas was elected to power with the mandate to “destroy Israel.” Another event was the when the West expanded their “war on terror” in response to the attack on New York and included Iraq in their action. This has made it easier for the Islamic Jihadis to recruit more soldiers from their sympathisers and enabled them to convert this into a religious war against the accursed infidel. It began as anti-Semitism but the hatred expanded to include the west particularly the United States because they were seen as supporters of Israel and tools of the hated Jew, as so many are Christian and believe in Biblical scripture. A third action was the recent Hezbollah/Israel war that required deployment of a multi-national force to maintain the peace, or to put it in Biblical terms “gathering of the armies of the world”. Most people are unaware of just how many “armies of the world” are now gathered in the region; today forty nations have military deployments in the Middle East area. When predicted events occur; sceptics and atheists will be left out of consideration because they will fail to see the signs that are all around, and regard observations like this article as crazy, even Christians and Jews who should be able to read the signs will refuse to believe. The whole situation seems too incredible and none wants to believe that this is really happening; the Biblical end time scenario will be here in only a few short years.

This has come about because as much as most Westerners want to believe that Islam is a religion of peace its leaders have been planning world domination for decades, but the West didn’t think it necessary to worry. Before 1948 when Israel had not even become a state, Ayatollah Khomeini was going into all the Islamic colleges, theological seminaries and schools in Iran, teaching them a five point agenda:
Stage 1: Iran must become a theocratic, fundamentalist Islamic State.
Stage 2: Iraq must become a theocratic, fundamentalist Islamic State.
Stage 3: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, have to become fundamentalist, theocratic Islamic States.
Stage 4: Jerusalem must be retaken and the Jewish people destroyed.
Stage 5: Conquest of the nations.

As recent history shows, Stage 1 has been accomplished but the West has somewhat derailed stage 2, stage 3 is close to being attained in some countries and most Muslims, fundamentalist or moderate, also believe in stages 4 and 5. Those five stages are bonds that unite all Muslims, regardless of sect or geographic location. The aims of Islamic fundamentalists are:
(1) Annexation of Jerusalem and annihilation of the Jews
(2) Obliteration of Christianity
(3) Conquest of all nations.
Anyone who doubts the determination of Islamists to fight should read the Koran which says, “Fight those who believe not in Allah and his prophet Muhammad, nor acknowledge the religion of truth even of the people of the book (Jews and Christians), until they pay jizya (submission tax) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued (subservient to Muslims)”. (Sura 9:29).

Most Muslims believe that the end time battle will bring them victory and dominion over the Earth, they have been taught that to fall in this fight guarantees one a sure place in heaven; blood shed in the cause of Allah is of more benefit than months of fasting and prayer. The teachings of the Mullahs guarantee that millions are ready to die to achieve their goal, but the secular West blunders on in disbelief refusing to consider that an apocalyptic battle is even possible. No wonder we cannot recognise end time events happening around us, most of us don’t even know what the Bible says let alone believe in Biblical prophecy and when the battle begins most will be caught unaware. It will seem to be just another war in the Middle East no different to the countless battles that have occurred here throughout history, but this one will be different it will decide the future of all the world’s inhabitants and will prove the existence of the Almighty; disclosing his plan to believer and non-believer alike.

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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Understanding Religion.

Despite Western apostasy and secularism religion has played a significant role in developing our society. Our laws were initially formulated from Judeo-Christian concepts advocated in the Bible. It was usual for our forefathers to read the Bible and know the statutes that originated there, but in recent years most people do not even read books and those who do are far more likely to read something that is totally opposed to scripture. In order to know society we need to understand its belief systems from atheism to Zoroasterism. In this brief essay I will try to outline a number of the well known belief systems in an effort to point out that while we may not agree with what someone believes it is not our place to judge and maybe by understanding his beliefs we can better understand and accept the individual.

Some religions and cults forbid their adherents from accepting or dealing with those of another faith, but this is usually because they are afraid that they might lose followers to a more attractive or logical belief system. This even applies to some atheists today; they believe that teaching religion is wrong because it could distort a person’s view. It is more probable that the student’s view would be more distorted if teaching was restricted only to the views of a few. We should provide all available information and allow the educated person to draw their own conclusions, instead of teaching our own beliefs and forbidding the teaching of other ideas.

Atheists will be appalled to see their beliefs included with a list of religions, to them they are above religion or “the opiate of the masses” to quote Marx. The truth is however that atheism is a belief system no different to any other; they can no more disprove the existence of a Supreme Being than the religious can prove it. In fact atheists see their paradigm as supreme they can brook no argument because their system is “proved” by science and assured by Darwin’s theories they claim that all life evolved by accident and there is no need to consider a Creator’s hand in evolution. Many physicists and cosmologists disagree with this concept but atheism has a broad appeal as it leaves one free to act as one would like without the need to consider absolutes of right or wrong. Atheism is probably the most bigoted of all belief systems.

Buddhism is as much a philosophy as a religion; it is a search for spiritual enlightenment and Buddhists place store in reincarnation as souls return many times until they reach ultimate perfection and no longer have to endure the hardships of life on Earth.

Christianity began as a Judaic cult about two thousand years ago with Jesus Christ as its Rabbi, following his crucifixion by the Roman occupiers his following grew steadily and Christianity eventually became the Roman religion. Rome moved from executing the followers of Christ to executing those who were not followers of Christ, early Protestants were burned at the stake along with Jews and other “heathens”. The Roman hierarchy deified Jesus at the Council of Nicaea in 325; prior to which Jesus had been regarded as a man and separate from God.

Islamic doctrine, law, and thinking in general are based upon four sources, or fundamental principles: (1) the Koran, (2) traditions, (3) consensus, and (4) individual thought. The Koran (literally, reading or recitation) is regarded as the verbatim word of God delivered to Mohammad by the archangel Gabriel. Divided into 114 sūrahs (chapters) of unequal length, it is the fundamental source of Islamic teaching. Muslims believe in one God whom they call Allah (a name that originally referred to the Moon God – possibly why the crescent moon is today the symbol of Islam) and place great importance on Judgement Day when they believe Islam will rule the world.

Hinduism is a combination of religions incorporating all forms of belief and worship without necessitating the selection or elimination of any. Hindus are inclined to revere the divine in every manifestation, whatever it may be; few religious ideas are considered to be irreconcilable. The core of religion does not depend on the existence or non-existence of God or on whether there is one god or many. Because religious truth is said to transcend all verbal definition Hindus are probably the most tolerant of religions.

Although the traditions of Judaism began with Abraham it was the Exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses and the handing down of the commandments that formulated the beliefs that have been the basis of both Judaism and Christianity as well as Western society as a whole. Jewish culture has been oppressed many times due to successful conquests by Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Turks. Observant Jewish communities have not been absorbed into other cultures (except possibly in Britain) and so their traditions have remained intact despite being scattered throughout the world.

Mormonism was founded in 1830 in upstate New York by Joseph Smith Jr. after he had allegedly translated by revelation the Book of Mormon, which recounts the history of certain tribes of Israel that migrated to America six centuries before Christ and underwent experiences similar to those recounted in the Old Testament.

Scientology was founded as a church in 1954 it does not prescribe specific teachings about God but instead concentrates on helping its members to realize their inherent spiritual essence and abilities. Scientologists believe the spiritual self (the thetan) is the true self and can exist apart from the body. Thetans emerged early in the process of creation but experienced events that stripped them of both their creative abilities and the memories of who they were. Scientology has many high profile devotees.

Zoroasterism is based on the teachings of Zoroaster, who lived about 625BCE; this is one of the early monotheistic religions. The conspicuous monotheism of Zoroaster's teaching is apparently disturbed by a pronounced dualism: the Wise Lord has an opponent, Ahrimin who embodies the principle of evil, and whose followers, having freely chosen him, also are evil. This is the introduction of the devil or evil one into human philosophy. Zoroasterism was centred in Iraq and Iran, in what is now a strictly Muslim domain and so archaeological sites relevant to this religion are treated with disdain by the local Muslims who have been filmed using early Zoroastrian structures for motorcycle motocross practice.

There are other religions and cults but the ones listed above are the ones most commonly encountered in Western Society and are the ones that will be at the forefront of the turmoil in future events. The reason I have given this brief outline is because tolerance comes from understanding and that by knowing a little about others we can accept their right to hold these beliefs. Religions regularly teach that only their philosophy is acceptable and all others are evil but we need to be aware that there are good and bad people of all persuasions. The major religions all have a basis of honesty and integrity but not all are truly forgiving, being influenced by human ego. Each individual believes that he or she is in some way better than the next person and so must hold to the correct paradigm, all others must be wrong. It is our own vanity that causes problems no matter what our belief.

We must never judge another by his beliefs, only by his actions.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

The Apostate Society.

Western society has become secular and in many countries we no longer have a majority of our citizens believing in religion. There are several questions we should address in relation to this, they are:

1. Why has this happened?
2. Has it affected our society for better for worse or has it made no difference.
3. Does it give us an advantage or leave us at a disadvantage when dealing with those who have a religious conviction.

In all history there have been those who hoped that the scriptures and the religious teachers were wrong and that they would never be expected to account for their actions. It took science to begin to give them the courage to finally speak out. Science through men like Galileo and Newton showed that the Earth was not the centre of creation and that the universe functioned according to a set of mathematical principles like some sort of giant clockwork machine. It was Darwin who gave them the final authority to begin the systematic attacks on religious thought and belief that have continued to this day and resulted in moves to even ban religion from being taught in schools. Philosophers such as David Hume, Immanuel Kant and Soren Kierkegaard exalted human thought above all else in creation but it was Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) who first proclaimed in 1886 that “God is dead”. These pronouncements and scientific discoveries should have convinced everyone that life on Earth was just a freak accident and nothing more; except for one startling item, they were predicted in the Bible. I will cover that subject as a later blog topic.

The consequences of the pronouncements of these men made atheism acceptable as an alternative belief system and enabled the rise to power of atheists, men who despised religion. Men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Idi Amin and Pol Pot became acceptable national leaders who were not bound by any belief in absolutes of right or wrong. Millions died at the hands of these despots but generally society still does not place the blame on secularism but simply on the whim of the individual, because to accept that it was apostatised anti-religious attitudes that caused the problem would be to give credence to religious fundamentals. Hitler even bragged that he had “freed Germany from the stupid and degrading fallacies of conscience and morality” history shows us the result of that freedom.

The apostate west has an attitude that regards anyone with a religious conviction as at least a little strange but generally harmless. This opinion has flourished because the Judeo-Christian basis of western society is one of tolerance and forgiveness. This leaves the west totally unprepared to handle those people whose beliefs do not place a value on human existence. The religions that were the basis of western society provided the initial legal system where theft, murder and similar offences were outlawed because that was the Biblical mandate. Living under these laws has made the west complacent about religious tolerances and as society has become more secular it has rationalised attitudes to some laws such as adultery and sodomy. The west is now at a considerable disadvantage in understanding almost any religion and this has left it vulnerable to all manner of extremists, cultists and fanatics.

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Friday, 7 March 2008

Abomination of Desolation.

In the Bible both Daniel and Matthew use the term abomination of desolation and many fanciful ideas have been put forward as to what this expression means. It has been talked about as being the Muslim Mosque (Al-Aqsa) attached to the dome of the rock or any number of actions or events. It appears that if one disagrees with something or wants to prove Biblical Prophecy in support of an agenda it is helpful to present a plausible explanation for the abomination and use it to support your concept.

According to Daniel the prediction was one which was to be sealed until the “end of days” at which time it would be understood. There is little else mentioned at that time to indicate further just what this abomination might be. In the Book of Matthew a better prediction gives far more detail.

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains:
Let him which is on the house-top not come down to take anything out of his house:
Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.
And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!
(King James Version)

By combining the details of these two predictions we now have a description of what this abomination that makes desolate could be like. We know that it is; firstly something that could not be understood in Daniel’s day, nor could it be understood two thousand years ago, it might be understood today but that would mean that we have reached the days of the end. It is obviously something that is easily seen and happens quickly, people are urged to immediately flee and not to take time to pack their belongings. It is also something that is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Unfortunately there is one thing that fulfils all these criteria and has the distinction of not only meeting each condition but also of being both abominable and causing desolation. It is of course a nuclear weapon, whether it be an atomic bomb, thermo-nuclear weapon or a so called “dirty bomb” the particulars all fit the description in the Biblical predictions.

Many Biblical predictions appear to be coming to pass in our time, when this event occurs we will know two things:-
1. Biblical prophecy is real.
2. We are in the end times.

This prediction also tells us about the end times;
Matthew 24:21
For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor ever shall be.
The Bible says that there will be tribulation after a nuclear attack on Jerusalem; you do not have to be terribly smart today to figure that one. Our ancestors in the past might have come to all sorts of conclusions but if we understand that we are looking at nuclear war it becomes much clearer.

Matthew 24:29
Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.
Scientists have conjectured about nuclear night or a period of darkness that could follow global thermo-nuclear war; it appears that the Bible agrees.

It is a worrying thought that somewhere in the world is a nuclear weapon that is in the control of someone who is so fanatical that he is prepared to use it on the city that is considered sacred by three of the world’s most prominent religions. That the predictions state the abomination will stand in the Holy place indicates that ground zero will be the site of the original temple. There will then be no obstruction to the building of a new temple and the sealed eastern gate may no longer be sealed, this should be a deterrent to any anti-Semite who might consider the destruction of Jerusalem as a means to destroy Judaism. It will probably not be seen that way as these fanatics are so convinced of the righteousness of their cause and believe that their destiny is to rule the world, they will not give any thought to these possibilities.

Once this proof of prophecy happens and demonstrates that we are in the end times this blog will have further details to help you keep up to date as we progress to the culmination of history.
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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The war with Islam.

What’s this a war with Islam? When will this happen? The bad news is that it has been happening for centuries but we infidels have been too dumb to realise. This does not mean that we should consider Muslims as bad or dangerous many are not, but we can see in many places how the moderates are oppressed by the more radical. In Israel for example a Muslim who sells land to a non-Muslim can expect to be killed, in this way the land is kept in Muslim hands and the prices are kept depressed as Jewish settlers would pay more for land than Arabs and even though many would be happy to sell and become rich they are not permitted to do so. This violent oppression means that moderate Muslims are afraid to speak against the radicals and terrorists.

The earliest indication of dispute can be seen in the Muslim attitude to The Golden Gate, as it is called in Christian literature, the oldest of the current gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls. Jews used to pray for mercy at the gate, hence the name Sha'ar Harachamim, the Gate of Mercy. In Arabic, it is known as the Gate of Eternal Life. In ancient times, the gate was known as the Beautiful Gate.

It was probably built in about 520CE, as part of Justinian 1's building program in Jerusalem, on top of the ruins of an earlier gate in the wall. In Jewish tradition, this is the gate through which the Messiah will enter Jerusalem. Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I sealed off the Golden Gate in 1541 to prevent the Messiah's entrance. The Muslims also built a cemetery in front of the gate, in the belief that the precursor to the Messiah, Elijah, would not be able to pass through, since he is a Kohen. This belief is erroneous because a Kohen is permitted to enter a cemetery in which primarily non-Jews are buried. This behaviour is an early indication of Muslim hostility toward Jews in particular, but includes all “infidels”.

During much of the Ottoman rule in Israel the Jewish residents were left very much to their own devices and were even allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. Originally Jews and Christians were assigned a special status by Muslims as communities possessing scriptures and were called the “people of the Book” (ahl al-kitāb) and, therefore, were allowed religious autonomy. They were, however, required to pay a per capita tax called jizyah, as opposed to pagans, who were required to either accept Islām or die. The same status of the “people of the Book” was later extended to Zoroastrians and Hindus, but many “people of the Book” joined Islām in order to escape the disability of the jizyah. A much more massive expansion of Islām after the 12th century was inaugurated by the Ṣūfīs (Muslim mystics), who were mainly responsible for the spread of Islām in India, Central Asia, Turkey, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Following the defeat of the Ottomans in WW1 the British held a mandate over what was then known as Palestine until 1948 when the United Nations partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states according to the then majority populations. The British ceded control of the Arab sector to Jordan. Under Jordanian rule of the Arab area, which included East Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, Jews and other non-Arab people were forbidden from entering Jerusalem’s Old City. After the Israeli forces gained control of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War Jewish, Christian and non-Arab visits to the city’s holy sites resumed. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority claim sovereignty over the site, which remains a key issue in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Israeli government has granted management of the Temple Mount to a Muslim Council (Waqf). As Jewish prayer is not permitted at the holiest site in Judaism, Jews must stand behind a wall of the mount while praying toward the rock located under the 'Dome of the Rock' but Muslims stand on the mount facing away from the rock and toward Mecca.

Today much of the dispute seems to revolve around Palestine which is the name given to Judea by the Romans following the uprising and subsequent destruction of the Temple in 70CE. The term Palestine continued to be used to denote all residents of the area until in recent times Palestinian has become synonymous with Arab. Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir used to show her British identity documents that described her as a Palestinian, which created an interesting situation, the Prime minister of Israel was a Palestinian and the leader of “Palestine” (Yassar Arafat) was an Egyptian. It brokers the question, “who are the real Palestinians?”

Most of the people who today claim to be “Palestinian” refugees from Israel, were born outside that country. In 1948 when the UN partitioned the country the neighbouring Arab states immediately declared war and urged Arabs living in Israel to leave while they drove the Jews into the sea. When the attacks failed some Arabs returned to become Israeli citizens others remained in “refugee camps” and it is the descendants of these people who today claim to be refugees. The Jews evicted from Arab states have been accepted into Israeli society and assimilated into the population, as have Arabs who returned to Israel. The Arabs who remained in Arab nations have been housed in camps for sixty years and not allowed citizenship, nor have their children who have been born in those countries. Instead they have been held in camps to be used as pawns in the political activity to denounce Israel at every opportunity and to elicit international censure against the sole democracy in the region and in particular its Jewish citizens.

In my previous blog I suggested that things were coming to a head and that the west should consider a pre-emptive strike against the promulgators of terror, this of course is distasteful to western governments and so they will sit back until action is inevitable. In recent news reports we have heard that Hezbollah are assembling forces in Lebanon and Syria and NATO and European peace keepers are arriving in the region to try and prevent hostilities. Many see this build up of the “armies of the world” as another indication of the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy others say it is just coincidence my prediction is that we should all watch the news between Easter and Passover this year (2008) for some very exciting times. Due to the difference in the way calendars are calculated Easter this year will not coincide with Passover (except for the Orthodox Churches) Easter will be celebrated at the end of March but Passover does not occur until April (20th) and during this time that indications for the direction of the future will be revealed.

Watch future blogs for some surprising revelations.

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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Western Lethargy

Previous blogs on this site have looked at the “end of days” theories, myths and legends and the responsibility of those who can provide warnings to do so. We now turn our attention to some political matters that are coming to a head and will have resounding repercussions worldwide.

In this blog we consider Western inaction in the face of supreme provocation. This is not a recent trait but has been part of western culture, for many years. Some prime examples can be seen in reactions to provocations that have forced the USA to give up its neutrality and join in major conflicts. World War 1 began in 1914 but the USA did not become involved until April 6th 1917, after continued German attacks on Western shipping including American passenger liners. World War 2 began in 1939 but the USA did not join the fray until December 6th 1941 after Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbour.

It has not only been wars that have shown this Western procrastination and inability to commence, in the space race the USA assumed they were world leaders until in 1957 Russia placed a satellite in orbit (Sputnik) and then in 1961 launched a man into space at a time when the USA could hardly even get a rocket off the ground and British efforts based at the Woomera Rocket Range in Australia were at a level amateurs today could achieve. It was not until 1969 after over a decade of frantic research did the USA finally move ahead and become the first nation to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth.

The Islamic Jihad has seen similar inaction, the Islamists blew up Western Embassies took hostages and destroyed a US Marine barracks with great loss of life and still the west did not react. In response to the invasion of Kuwait the US and its allies attacked and repelled Iraqi forces and then rested on their laurels doing no more, until heartened by inaction Al Qaeda launched two attacks on New York’s Twin Towers. The first did little damage but should have been a wake up call the subsequent 9/11 attack finally convinced the USA that something needed to be done about terrorists and their supporters.

Unfortunately this litany of inaction is a product of the Western psyche that becomes evident in Western films. The good guy is never the first to go for his gun; he never swings the first punch he takes all the other guy hands out before he retaliates. Unfortunately when it comes to thermo-nuclear war this inactivity just might prove fatal, it might be time for America and western nations as a whole to stand up and draw a line in the sand, to be firm about what is and is not acceptable. Not to do so is seen as weakness and will only encourage the enemies of freedom to continue to push in the expectation that they are safe from retribution. Their real hope is that they can continue to push against the only real stumbling block to world domination, the USA, until Western nations are tired of the effort and withdraw from the conflict. They are currently performing a balancing act with just enough combat to keep coalition troops bogged down into what is now basically a police action in Iraq, small skirmishes in Afghanistan and enough minor troubles to frustrate the US public. Australian and British Governments are already planning reductions in troop numbers and a timed withdrawal from Iraq. The Islamists hope to engender in the Western public such a war weariness that they will capitulate without a struggle, or that the threat of nuclear destruction will see them crumble and accept Islamic law as their own.

War weariness is already becoming apparent in the country that has borne the brunt of attack for the last sixty years. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert demonstrated this when he said, "We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies, we want that we will be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies."

Israel has been under constant assault since the signing of the Oslo accords between Israel and the PLO in 1993. Since that time Palestinian Arab terrorists have murdered over 1,800 Israelis, two thirds of them civilians. This is more than the total number of Israelis murdered by the Palestinian Arabs in the 44 years preceding the "peace accords." Many of the killers have been members of the Palestinian Arab "police force" established with Israel's consent in Gaza, Judea and Samaria under the Oslo accords. Indeed, Palestinian "police" have murdered a number of Israelis over recent months. Every concession granted to Muslims is seen as capitulation by the west leading to ever increasing violence. The plan of an Islamic world by 2035 appears to be on track, because the west has no interest in standing up to aggression but surrenders meekly at every step.

For the past seven years, Israeli towns and villages near the border with Gaza have been subjected to rocket attacks; during the past two years, the city of Sderot, with a population of some 23,000, has been bombarded with rockets nearly every day. The missiles have killed some people; many more have been wounded; and thousands, including Sderot's children, have suffered shock and trauma. Giving up land for peace has not helped Israel it has only allowed terrorist rockets to reach further into the heart of the country placing ever more Israeli citizens at risk. Egypt, supposedly at peace with Israel, has enabled the Hamas terrorists who control Gaza to move vast amounts of armaments, money and soldiers into this territory, and to transform themselves from a guerrilla force into an army able to fight Israel on nearly equal terms. The Israelis have even captured on videotape Egyptian "border guards" helping to smuggle in terrorists.

Then there are the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, who killed about 140 Israeli soldiers and 43 civilians in 2006, many of them with long range rockets that struck deep inside Galilee and Haifa. Hezbollah recently struck again with rockets at kibbutz Shlomi. Since the 2006 Lebanon war, Hezbollah has completely rearmed, and now has missiles that can strike at the heart of Tel Aviv. Standing behind Hezbollah are Syria and Iran. Both of these regimes admit their desire to destroy Israel. Both are armed with chemical and biological weapons, missiles that can reach every inch of Israeli territory, the most advanced fighter jets, and numerous other ultramodern weapons. Both regimes are working at break-neck speed to develop nuclear technology. Nor should Christians and other non-Jews in America and throughout the Western world be indifferent to what is happening. The international jihad waged by the radical Islamists targets not only Jews, but Christians (referred to by the jihadis as "Crusaders") and all of Western civilization as well. Recent reports from the region indicate that Hezbollah now has almost 50,000 armed men along the Lebanese, Israel border. There is little doubt their intent; it is only the matter of their timing which will no doubt be decided in Iran or Syria.

We hear that the majority of Muslims want peace, but they do nothing to seek peace. The fanatics are the ones making the decisions so we must be prepared to deal with the fanatics because those who claim they want peace do nothing. It is the fanatics who are making life difficult for the Europeans and who are turning Britain into an Islamic state. No matter how unsavoury it might seem the west must seriously consider pre-emptive strikes and action against terrorists and their supporters, failing will mean the end of western culture, just as the Jihadis predict.

Q. What is the biggest problem facing Western society, ignorance or apathy?

A. Who knows? Who cares?

Coming next; the war with Islam.

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