Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Doomed Earth

A multitude of predictions claim that the world will end in 2012, and many of these such as Nostradamus and the Mayan Calendar indicate December as the month in which we all meet our fate. My YouTube video explains that we are not all doomed. The bad news is that we do not have until December; in fact we have only about four months from the date of this article.

I have already written books and blogs describing many of the events that will herald the end of our world; war, weather, volcanic eruptions, super nova and other astronomical events; culminating in the wiping out of evil from the face of the Earth. This blog is as much about why as it is about what or when. The Bible consists of almost one third prophecies and a large number of these have been demonstrated to have been accurate. The predicted fate of many ancient civilisations can be read in the Bible and confirmed by history books, only those who have not studied the Bible or history would deny this fact.

Many people are concerned that our civilisation appears to be collapsing around us, violence and lawlessness abound. We have accepted sexual deviance as an alternative lifestyle, tattooing is a popular fashion and disrespect for parents, elders and the law is at an all time high. Corruption exists at the highest levels, leaders routinely lie to the people and run up enormous corporate and government debt; strangely all this was predicted in the Bible.

We have not learned the lessons of history, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their evil ways, and countless nations from Canaan to Judea have been given into the hands of their enemies because of their wickedness. Yet somehow today we think we are different or immune. Most people have adopted a head in the sand approach to the possibility of Judgement and do nothing to change their ways or to speak out against the injustice around them. Fanatics worry more about carbon or the fate of animals than about their fellow man.

The Earth cannot continue to go on as it is; countries are going bankrupt, millions have no hope and disputes and battles based on lies abound. We are on the brink of major conflicts but an even greater threat hangs over the world. The period on the Hebrew calendar which is simply referred to as the “the three weeks”, is the period from 17th Tammuz until 9th Av which this year falls from the 7th to the 28th of July. This period has seen countless tragedies over the centuries to the extent that during this time Jewish people avoid contracts, weddings and even hair cuts. It is during this time in 2012 that we will see terrifying events indicating that Judgement is indeed at hand. It is indeed the beginning of sorrows, it is prophesied that we will see miracles as in the days when Pharaoh defied the Almighty and refused to let the Israelites leave.

There will be a very short period of about two weeks that causes great distress then it will become obvious that there are greater forces at work than most had imagined. War will be waged against Israel and it will appear at first that the nation is doomed, but that will be reversed by unexpected means. Many of the catastrophes will appear to be natural forces, but they will be inexplicably directed to the aid of the just.

Following the period of destruction people will eventually realise that there is a force guiding the apparently natural catastrophes and will fall behind a leader. For a short time there will be one who attempts to lead them astray and then one who proclaims justice and righteousness and gathers the elect. Prophecy indicates that this will occur before the arrival of the Messiah and it is probable that the elect would be forgiven on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur on the Hebrew calendar – 10th Tishrei [26th September]) when propitiation would be made for the sins of the people. We can plan for the major changes to occur long before December and it will not be the doom and gloom pronounced by many, but some will face pain and anguish while others are exalted and praised.

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