Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Fate of the Earth

There are many scenarios being presented that propose ways in which all life on Earth could be wiped out. Nuclear war, super-volcanoes and the old favourite a giant asteroid collision are all discussed, but one serious threat is never even considered. That threat is the breakdown of the balanced relationship of the Earth and Moon that ensures our continued survival.

The moon is tethered to the Earth by an invisible bond of gravity that has many properties of which most people are unaware. We all know that it creates the tides but this connection is such that it anchors the moon so that the same face is always pointed Earthward. Because of the Earth’s greater mass its rotation has the effect of continually accelerating the moon in its orbit and causing it to slowly increase its distance from the Earth.

The centre of gravity of the Earth/Moon system is actually about a thousand kilometres beneath the surface of the Earth and it creates many of the conditions necessary for life. As the Earth accelerates the moon in its orbit; so too the Moon acts like a brake on the Earth’s crust, causing it to rotate slightly slower than the internal molten core. This has two results firstly the friction adds to the energy that keeps the interior hot and active and secondly it drives the dynamo effect that generates our planet’s magnetosphere that protects us from dangerous solar radiation. In a previous blog I explained how the magnetosphere and the solar wind combine to protect us from dangerous cosmic radiation.

A disruption to this system could come from a number of sources, firstly a near miss from an asteroid or comet may sufficiently disturb this equilibrium to cause acceleration in the Earth’s rotation or a decline in the magnetosphere either of which could have severe consequences. The natural progression of acceleration and increasing distance might reach a tipping point that could cause a natural realignment with equally severe results.

There is also the possibility that a nearby nova could create a burst of energy that disrupts the sun causing massive disturbance throughout the solar system. The Earth/moon system could be caused to wobble like a boat on a stormy sea, the chaos would be short lived on a cosmic scale but would be catastrophic for the residents of Earth. These things pose a very real danger but most people are unaware of how finely tuned the entire universe and our solar system are to ensure the existence of life. Recently quantum physicists have been examining how consciousness fits into the equation; with some startling conclusions.

It seems that not only is our universe far more subjective than we had ever imagined it is also apparently holographic in nature. Our previous concepts of a giant machine like universe are beginning to seem somewhat naïve. The real concern is that not only is it subjective rather than objective it may well be far more susceptible to our actions than we had previously imagined, which of course raises the question are we bringing about our own destruction? Experiments such as REGs (Random Event Generators) indicate that there is far more going on than we can ascertain.

The fact that many cultures believe in an end time may be sufficient to send us into just that scenario. Whether you believe it is a time of judgement at the hand of the Creator or simply the machinations of an unfeeling universe, it daily becomes more difficult to deny that something is happening. The attitudes of Earth’s inhabitants are changing while despots and unpopular governments cling to power many are trying to bring about new visions of freedom and justice. There is however a real concern that the changes will not all be for the better as unscrupulous people seize opportunities to bring about their own ideological control. Many of those in power have lied to the public to further their own ends. A prime example is the global warming debacle; the British House of Commons is now re-evaluating their climate change act that has crippled British industry because evidence now shows that the science on which the claims were made was false.

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