Thursday, 17 January 2019


The internet and certain publications are rife with predictions and dire warnings; blood moons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars and civil unrest are all seen as portents of doom. There can be no doubt that strange things are happening and that we are in the “end times” according to Biblical prophecy but there are a number of things that must happen before the Apocalypse (a Greek word that simply means Revelation). In Jewish theology it is the “final redemption” where the Almighty will judge all men. Judgement will not depend on your ancestry, your religion or any other criteria but primarily on the way in which you have treated your fellow man. Teachings in some families and cultures have better prepared some people to survive others simply deny the possibility and continue until it is too late, as the Bible warns, “As in the days of Noah.” They will continue until catastrophe overtakes them.

I have made a study of prophecy and have no doubt of its veracity and ability to predict the future because precognitive and premonitory dreams and visions have been my own experience my whole life. The events that I have foreseen and found supported among prophecies are unmistakable and will happen before redemption. Although I know that these things will happen I cannot say with certainty the order or dates they will happen. The events are unbelievable because they are such miracles and most people will find it impossible to believe it could happen but I fully expect to see them in my lifetime and as I am already well into my seventies it is probable that the time is short.

The events I predict though not necessarily in order are; a supernova, two large meteors or asteroids colliding with the Earth, the eruption of several volcanoes and I believe that a couple of them will be in the category of super volcanoes, massive amounts of dust and ash will be hurled into the air blocking out the sun. There will be an invasion of Israel, I am not sure if this is the catalyst to arouse the anger of the Almighty and bring about these catastrophic events but it could be the cause. The most significant and unbelievable prediction is that all this upheaval will cause a change in the rotation of the Earth. A day will be only sixteen hours long; when you see all these things you will know that the time is at hand. Two thirds of the world’s population will shrug and say, “It can’t happen”. Those who take note and study the scriptures will be ready because the answer to survival has been written, because the Almighty is forgiving but just.

Despite what scientists claim the universe can be destroyed in an hour and remade in six days. According to the Greek historian Herodotus (484 BCE – 423 BCE) when he visited the library at Alexandrina an Egyptian scholar laughed at him and said, “You Greeks think you are an ancient race but you have not even existed for one remake of the world when Egypt has existed through two.” When Herodotus asked what that meant the Egyptian told him that the Creator remakes the world every seven thousand years. It may seem ludicrous to us today but supernova remnants seem to bear that out, our galaxy experiences on average one supernova every twenty-six years so in the millions of years we think the universe has existed there should be tens of thousands of remnants but we can find only about two hundred and seventy which is approximately the number we would expect if the universe was only six thousand years old (or 5779 according to the Hebrew calendar).

Just because the world is less than six thousand years old and the remake occurs every seven thousand years we should not become complacent. The Bible tells us to that the Almighty laboured six days and rested on the seventh, we too are told to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. The Bible also says to leave fields fallow every seven years and after seven sevens to celebrate a jubilee. The seventh is for rest so we should not be surprised if our creator sets the seventh millennium as one of rest, we should expect his judgement before the “sunset” of the sixth millennium, or anytime in the near future.

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Friday, 28 December 2018

Prophecy in the Psalms.

It was brought to my attention by a comment posted on a web-forum that there appears to be prophetic themes in the Psalms. This is something that I had not considered as the Psalms are songs written primarily by the Kings David and Solomon. The originator of the theory based his premise on the fact that Psalms is the nineteenth book of the Bible and the forty-eighth from the end of the Bible and Gospel, and the state of Israel was recognised by the United Nations in 1948. I considered this a bit of a stretch because when the Psalms were written there was only the Old Testament so they were not the forty-eighth from the end of the Bible and secondly the years on the Hebrew calendar do not coincide with the dates on the commonly used calendar.

That being said I know that scribes were taught to be very careful and accurately transcribe Biblical passages because as the living word of G-d it is believed that to change a single letter may change the fate of the world. So with a different point of view I decided to reread the Psalms to see how the suggestion of prophecy might reconcile with history. The outcome was quite surprising, most seemed to have no direct bearing and as there are only 150 Psalms any prophecies must relate to only a portion of a Psalm or be repeated. According to Hebrew tradition every fiftieth year is a Jubilee Year so 150 Psalms would represent three Jubilees, interesting because there is an ancient text called the Book of Jubilees, which is also known as The Little Genesis. The prophecy would have to be a pattern of recurring themes but in modern times there are sufficient coincides of Psalms relating to current events to at least imply that the Bible exerts some control over our lives.

Obviously it would take an enormous effort to try and relate every event in history to a Psalm but just by selecting significant years in the last century and comparing those to lines in Psalms we can assess how likely it is that there is a link. The Psalms were written about three thousand years ago so the likelihood of current events being identified with lines in any of the 150 Psalms should be zero but one or two could be regarded as coincidence, any more than that is indicative of a connection.

The following are some lines from Psalms that appear to have commonality with events that occurred in years that are numbered the same as particular Psalms.

1918 – WWI and the British are victorious over Turkey freeing Israel (Palestinian Mandate) from the rule of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.
Psalm 18:17 He delivered me from my strong enemy, from those who hated me, for they were too strong for me.
            18:48 He delivers me from my enemies. You also lift me up above those who rise against me; You have delivered me from the violent man.
            18:49 Therefore I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the Gentiles, and sing praises to your name.
This is interesting because although Muslim control was removed Israel remained under Gentile (British) control.

The Nazi years preceding WWII; 1935 Psalm 35:7 For without cause they have hidden their net for me in a pit, which they have dug without cause for my life.
1936 Psalm 36:1 An oracle within in my heart concerning the transgression of the wicked: there is no Fear of G-d before his eyes.
The Holocaust 1939-1945.
Psalm 40:12 For innumerable evils have surrounded me; my iniquities have overtaken me, so that I am not able to look up; they are more than the hairs of my head; therefore my heart fails me.
Psalm 40:13 Be pleased, O Lord, to deliver me, make haste to help me.
Psalm 42:10 As with a breaking of my bones, my enemies reproach me, while they say to me all day long, “Where is your G-d?”
Psalm 43:22 Yet for Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
The Nazis were defeated in 1945 which appears to be reflected in the beginning of Psalm 45:1 My heart is overflowing with a good theme; …

In 1948 the United Nations partitioned Britain’s Palestinian Mandate and created the countries of Iraq, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. Prior to this the Biblical prediction of a Jewish return to Israel had seemed impossible, but Psalm 48 appears to have some reference to the United Nations meeting.
Psalm   48:4 For behold, the kings assembled together, they passed by together.
            48:5 They saw it, and so they marvelled; they were troubled, they hastened away.
            48:6 Fear took hold of them there, and pain, as of a women in birth pangs,

In 1967 came an even more startling prophetic fulfilment when during the Six Day War Israel regained control of Jerusalem. Psalm 67 is extremely short having only seven verses and the seventh says,
Psalm 67:7 G-d shall bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.

Having identified sufficient apparent links to be more than mere coincidence I decided to see what the Psalms might indicate about current events and Psalm 109 caught me completely by surprise because of its apparent link to events happening in 2009.
Psalm 109:2 For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful have opened against me; they have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
109:3 They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, and fought against me without a cause.
This was surprising because of two 2009 events, a blood libel published by a Swedish newspaper that claimed Israel was selling Arab body parts for organ transplants. An illegal transaction under Israeli law and which even the reporter who wrote the story admitted had no supporting evidence and he had no knowledge of its truth, surely a case of lack of journalistic integrity. The second item was the Goldstone Report an extremely biased report commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council which includes states known for having questionable records with regards to human rights or a history of hostility towards Israel, including Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Pakistan, Bahrain, Mauritius and Qatar. The UNHRC has consistently discriminated against Israel and the mandate for the Goldstone Mission was obviously no different.

Psalm 118 was extremely short and contained no obvious events but Psalm 119 is one of the longest in the whole Israel Bible; implying that 2019 will bring a multitude of events.

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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Our Collapsing Society

There are two forces battling in our society, one force builds develops and endeavours to leave the world in a better condition than before, more productive, more affluent and more peaceful. The other force is selfish and violent it vandalises, spreads graffiti, riots and whines when its demands are not met, aggressively attacking those who will not comply with its aims of building a global controlling empire eliminating personal liberty and suppressing religion.

Most people cannot understand how the world has come to this, but Biblical scholars are aware that this has been predicted in scripture. The most obvious undeniable reference to this state of the world is apparent in the book of Daniel, when Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The dream describes a statue in which each of the succeeding empires that follow that time is recognisable as a portion of the statue, to anyone who has studied history. The final empire is described as one partly of iron and partly of miry clay and which cannot combine to be a united society.

This description of a violently divided society so aptly portrays today’s western societies that it adds validity to the Biblical narrative. Much of the world’s population today doesn’t have any faith in the Bible and see it as just a collection of ancient myths and impossible predictions. It is probable that the people of ancient Tyre felt the same, until just as the prophets predicted in 332 BCE their city was torn down by Alexander the Great and thrown into the sea to make a causeway to their island fortress and to destroy every man, woman and child from Tyre. Alexander’s action ensured that many cities surrendered at his approach rather than face a similar fate and today fishermen cast their nets over the ruins of Tyre just as the prophets predicted.

I have detailed these prophecies to highlight the fact that the Bible also prophesies the outcome of today’s violent societal collapse. As scriptures have already been correct so often we can have confidence that the future predictions will also be fulfilled and at the rate events are unfolding the time is very short. We cannot know the exact dates or sequence but should watch for a number of improbable happenings; when you see these occurring you will know that it is as predicted.

The divided society will be shattered by “a great rock from heaven”, the description of this sounds like an asteroid strike which we know is a natural but unpredictable event. An invasion of Israel is also predicted but this time the invasion will be stopped by supernatural means, another unpredictable and for many an unbelievable event. There will also be extreme earthquakes and the simultaneous eruption of several large volcanoes causing the sky to be darkened, a visible supernova and the result of all this spectacular activity will be that we will see the sun set and rise and set again in a period of only sixteen hours. I know of no one else who has made this prediction or interpretation but I am confident that these unusual events will come to pass.

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

The end of the world as we know it

In a recent Australian census it was noticed that the fastest growing religion is “no religion” but this does not mean the population have suddenly all become avowed atheists. A survey by the Pew Report in the USA found that while many no longer maintain a connection with traditional religion they still hold a belief in a Creator or Supreme Being. In many places in the west Evangelical Christianity is growing while the old established religions are failing. In China Christianity is the fastest growing religion, to the extent that in a few years China will become the world’s largest Christian nation.

Despite the push against religion by globalists, leftists, atheists and those who maintain that science precludes religion Christianity continues to survive and even grow. What can it be that makes rational people follow these ancient teachings and place such significance in them?  To answer this we should look at the difference between the failing denominations and the growing ones. Those that are observing ancient rituals and practices are falling behind but the newer more vibrant religious groups who concentrate on Bible study are those that are expanding and growing.

It appears that Bible study is the difference which raises the question, how can a book written thousands of years ago have such an influence today? The thing that gives the Bible so much authority is the prophecies that have been fulfilled. Those who have studied the Bible and history are often surprised at how many predictions have already been fulfilled. A good example of an accurate prophecy is the one about Tyre; the population of Tyre did not place much credence on the prediction of destruction made by Ezekiel, because their city was protected by an island fortress where the whole population could take refuge. The prophecy warned that the city would be destroyed and thrown into the sea where fishermen would cast their nets over the ruins.

When Alexander the Great arrived and called for them to surrender they refused and so Alexander had his army tear down the city and throw it into the sea to build a causeway. The invaders then used the causeway to attack the island fort and once they breached the walls slaughtered the entire population, the example that Alexander made of Tyre convinced many other city states to surrender without challenge. Today fishermen cast their nets over the remains of ancient Tyre; just as predicted by Ezekiel.

Prophecies warned that the population of ancient Israel would be “dispersed among the nations” but also claimed that they would one day be returned to their ancient homeland “in the days of the end”. Following the Bar Kochbah revolt in 132 CE the Romans forced all Jews out of Jerusalem and renamed the region Palestine. The re-establishment of Israel in 1947 stunned the world, the Jewish people after two thousand years of dispersal had returned, despite the efforts of Nazis and many others to eliminate them. The fulfilling of this prophecy is an indication that we have now reached the predicted “end times” and the religions prepared to discuss this are the ones to which people are attracted.

Once we believed that the universe was eternal, permanent and static; it was only the Bible that claimed the universe had a beginning. Scientists Wilson and Penzias discovered evidence supporting the Bible view in 1964 and we have since known that the universe began with what we call the “big bang”. If the Bible was right about the beginning the odds are in favour of it being right about it having an end, a concept that does not sit easily with many people.

It is not only Biblical prophets who predict an end times Nostradamus predicted that, “The dead will come out of their graves”; obviously a vision of the Biblical resurrection. Nostradamus even gave an indication of a possible date; he said at “the time of the great games of slaughter, not far from the great millennium”. There were no games in Nostradamus’ time but the modern Olympics began in 1896 almost 400 years after Nostradamus’ birth, which makes this a pretty good prediction because the original Olympics were opened with the slaughter of 1,000 bullocks. Nostradamus obviously expected the resurrection of the dead to occur during an Olympic Games.

There are other prophets who predict that this “end time” is imminent; the Irish priest and prophet St Malachy in 1139 predicted 112 Popes from his time until the Messiah, the current Pope is the 112th and last. St Malachy’s titles and descriptions have been remarkably accurate 112 times in identifying the popes it is possible that he may be right that this current one is the last Pope.

A pre-Biblical prophet whose writings imply that we are in the final days is Enoch who lived before Noah. Enoch accompanied angels who showed him the whole history of the world from creation to judgement. In Chapters 89 and 90 of his book he describes fifty-eight “shepherds” or leaders in Judea before the Messiah comes to rule all mankind. Following Solomon the Israelites separated into two kingdoms, ten tribes becoming Israel in the North and two tribes became Judah in the South – ruled by the king in Jerusalem.

Enoch divided these kings or shepherds into early shepherds of which he said there would be 35 and 23 later shepherds. Beginning with Rehoboam there were twenty Kings of Judah until Zedekiah, then from Judah Macabee to Antigonus there were ten Hasmonean Kings, four Herodian Kings followed Herod and then Simon Bar Kochbah; making a total of 35 early shepherds. There were no leaders in Israel following the Bar Kochbah revolution in 132 CE, until 1947 when the UN partitioned the land and the modern state of Israel was proclaimed. Modern Israel has had 23 Prime Ministers including Benjamin Netanyahu, so if Enoch’s prophecies are on track Israel has its final leader in power. An interesting aside here is that America’s President Trump is the forty-fifth president but as a number of presidents have served more than one term there have been fifty-eight inaugurations; the USA is also under its fifty-eighth shepherd. This may mean that President Trump will be the final US president.

In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar dreamt of a statue which Daniel was able to interpret as a prediction of all the empires that would arise from his time until the end times. The prophecy has proved remarkably accurate and our times are described as being an empire partly of iron and part clay which cannot cleave together, Daniel described a great rock from Heaven which will shatter this empire. Few today could deny that our civilisation could be described as fractured and as unable to unite as iron and clay. The Bible also predicted that the Earth would be destroyed by the actions of its inhabitants, it is not our carbon emissions that are destroying the world but our inability to get along.
The world may be destroyed by war or by the wrath of the Creator the Bible seems to be predicting a combination of the two. The Almighty said, “I will wipe you from the face of the Earth, two thirds will die but one third will be saved. That third I will bring through the fire and refine them like fine gold.” There are several other prophecies that are expected to occur prior to the end of the world. The Bible says these will, “come as a flood” in other words all happen very quickly; vast destruction and life on Earth will only be spared by the rotation of the Earth being changed from twenty-four hours to only sixteen hours. An “angel” or “messenger” will come from the East, Nostradamus also predicts this messenger and says, “Long awaited in Europe he will come from the deepest part of Asia. He will rise to become the most powerful of Kings in the Orient”.

The deepest part of Asia is the area known as Australasia and includes New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, but there is no one in that area today who could be described as “the most powerful king in the Orient” no matter how some politicians might view themselves. Both Enoch and Daniel describe a white haired bearded man who assembles the pardoned and then hands authority to the arriving Messiah. The Bible also says that Elijah will return prior to the Messiah’s arrival and Jewish tradition refers to the “Messiah Ben Yusaf” or messiah from the house of Joseph who precedes the Messiah from the house of David who will be given authority over all mankind.

The next few years promise to be very interesting and may culminate in the final proof of the accuracy of Biblical prophecy.

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Changing paradigms

When I began school we were still being taught that the universe was infinite and static, a view that had persisted since the days of Aristotle, but today we know that concept was wrong and that the real structure is more like the Biblical view; the universe had a beginning. There is a reluctance to embrace the Biblical view because that says not only was there a beginning there will be an end. Science continually changes and modifies its paradigm as new discoveries are made, once even the concept of meteors was considered ludicrous, the French Academy of Science having ruled that, “rocks do not fall from the sky”.

Today some scientists are investigating the possibility of psychic phenomena while others still claim it is impossible, despite advances made in quantum physics and what Einstein called, “Spooky at a distance action” there is a reluctance to accept what could imply a spiritual influence. In 1989 my book “The Time Illusion” was published presenting a view that was different to the mainstream view of “arrows of time” and a one way flow of time. Having experienced precognitive and premonitory events from a young age I knew that our understanding of time must be flawed; if I was able to perceive events before they occurred there must be an explanation.

The obvious conclusion was that spacetime must contain all time past, present and future in a single continuum. A conclusion with which some well known scientists have now agreed, we only experience a flow of time due to entropy. Things have a tendency to run down wear out or dissipate we call this entropy as we observe things moving from order to chaos and apparently never going the other way. The universe does however contain all that ever was and all that ever will be, we perceive change because we build memories sequentially and we can only see our current moment in time at any one instant. The expansion of the universe since the Big Bang is a symptom of entropy and creates the structure that establishes the appearance of dark matter and dark energy, an explanation of these is given in my book “Physics God and the end of the World”.

I called my 1989 book “The Time Illusion” because that is what the passage of time is; an illusion. I have since written other books and made videos to explain why we perceive time as we do but primarily it is because time accelerates, each second in time is actually a tiny fraction smaller than the second that preceded it. This acceleration of time is caused by the expansion of the universe because as the universe increases in size its density and therefore its total gravitational field reduces. Gravity as we know, from Einstein and from clocks on satellites, affects the rate at which time passes. This can also explain dark matter, dark energy and several other anomalies that I explained fully in my book “Physics God and the End of the World”.

The main purpose of all my books has been to inform people of how and why I know that there are some extraordinary events in our very near future. There can be little doubt that a major war is developing and it seems to be occurring as predicted by Biblical prophets. The internet is swamped with stories of an impending asteroid collision which may be due to the prophecy of Daniel who predicted a “rock from Heaven” that would smash the final empire, but also with ancient legends of a rogue planet on a collision course with the Earth. The prophecy in Daniel attracts a lot of attention because it has proved so accurate, the statue with a head of gold and subsequent less valuable metals has identified the succession of empires that have arisen since Daniel’s time, and who could deny that the description of an empire of iron and clay that cannot unite is an accurate description of our current society.
We each have our own view of what is likely to happen and many interpretations are quite fanciful. My own impression is that we will see a major change in the period of rotation of the Earth and a day will only be sixteen hours long instead of twenty-four. All of the predicted events will happen in a very short space of time or as the Bible suggests, “come in a flood”. The biggest concern of course is the one that says two thirds will perish and in all the land only one third will be saved, we can only hope and pray that we will be among the third God chooses to save. Ancient teachings warn that the world can be destroyed in an hour and rebuilt in six days; it will be interesting to see the validity of this claim.

The global warming theory and mankind destroying the world scenario is fast losing support, apart from in main stream media which depends on the sponsorship of these interest groups. It is difficult for the public to take it seriously when the poles were predicted to be ice free by 2013 and coastal cities were doomed to be submerged, the inaccuracy of predictions and recent unusually cold weather have shown the concept to be seriously flawed. Even though this concept is flawed it does not mean that the world is not doomed, my next blog will give a list of examples of prophecies that have eventuated as a guide to the likelihood of other events occurring.

The real danger facing the world is the fact that we have ignored the commandments of the Creator, not that we have generated too much carbon. It is not global warming that will destroy the world but man’s violence and hatred. The ancient prophecies warn that the world will be destroyed by the actions of its inhabitants, a concept that would have been impossible less than a century ago but is today not only possible but probable.

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Books published

Having reviewed my website and found that it is no longer performing as it once did I have decided to close it down and seek a different avenue to inform possible customers. 

Being a site that delved into many subjects search engines found it difficult to classify my varied interests and as is the case today if in doubt they ignore you or question your content. Anything that might be politically conservative or support religion is immediately suspect.

I have instead decided to present links to my various books through my blog and also the Prophecyline forum. With that aim in mind the following is a summary of published works to date.

The Time Illusion

 First published in 1989 this book was inspired by my knowledge that our understanding of the nature of time was wrong. The prevailing view was that time was a one way flow but I proposed a time dimension that included past, present and future. The only way that this structure can exist is for each second to vary in duration from every other second. The electronic version includes subsequent scientific papers that explain how the expansion of the universe causes each second to be minutely shorter than the one that preceded it.

The End of Time

                           Published in 1995 this book examined prophecies and predictions from various cultures as well as known seers such as St Malachi, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton. Many predictions from people with no contact with each other show remarkable similarities raising the question, have all these people really foreseen the same events?

Physics God and the End of the World

                            Published in 2005 this book is a more scientific explanation of the structure of the universe. It discusses the work of Newton, Planck and Einstein and how they provide the framework for not only understanding spacetime but also dark matter and dark energy. An extension of this structure implies that a universal consciousness or supreme being is more probable than not.

Psychology of the Messiah 

 Published in 2015 this book is subtitled “Why Jesus went viral” and looks at the phenomenon of how the teachings of Jesus spread throughout most of the civilised world. It points out that Jesus did not create a new religion, he taught Judaism. A fact recognised by Biblical prophecy which says that the Gentiles will be “grafted to the root of Judah”. In other words Jews will not become Christians on Judgement Day but rather that the Christians will become Jews.

Thylacoleo Lives

                          My best selling title; first published as a booklet in 2002 this was re-released as a book in 2017, it begins with my description of an unknown large panther like marsupial that I saw up close over forty years ago. In the years since that sighting many hours of research and some subsequent sightings have led to the conclusion that the animal that I saw is the supposedly extinct marsupial lion (thylacoleo carnifex). This book is to be featured in a program on American TV in late 2018.

Apocalypse Rising

                          My first novel, also published in 2017 is a story of today, it tells the tale of a young newspaper reporter who discovers that there really are opposing forces battling society. With the help of friends and friends of friends he gradually discovers the manipulation that divides society and creates the antagonism that leads to the violence and hatred that is currently consuming western society.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Final Days

People who both read the Bible and watch the news are amazed and concerned; there can be little doubt that many of the events that make up today’s headlines are the fulfilment of Biblical prophecies. There are a plethora of religious sites that list and compare many of these events and an internet search will reveal thousands of predictions relevant to almost every headline. Much of the world does not know enough about the Bible or religion, and regards those who believe as possibly a little strange or simply misguided by ancient superstitions. The actions of the United Nations against Israel and the animosity of so many against Jews and Israel is in fact a Biblical prophecy.
Biblical prophecies warn that in the “Final Days” every hand will be against Israel and that Jerusalem will be a stumbling block and a burden for the nations. Recent actions particularly from the Muslim world and European nations clearly indicate that these prophecies are being fulfilled and can leave little doubt that we are experiencing the final days. The prophecies also warn that the end will come “as a flood” or many events very quickly and the end will be sudden; changing both the Earth and its inhabitants in an instant.
Many have little doubt that we are approaching a time of trouble such as has never been seen; ancient writings suggest that people alive in the final days are to be both pitied and envied. We are about to see miracles as in the days of Noah and Moses, but the Creator did not make the world and man just to be destroyed and although many will perish; as Jacob’s son Joseph said. “And God sent me before you to save you a remnant on the Earth and to save you alive for a great deliverance.” Genesis 45:7 
It appears that the predicted deliverance is about to arrive any day and despite studying scripture and the writings of many I admit that I am still uncertain about how and when events will unfold; I also believe that the more certain one claims to be about the arrival of Biblical events the more likely they are to be wrong. I have no problem with prophecies because I experience both precognitive and premonitory events where I either “see” or simply “know” things before they happen; unfortunately I have no control over what or when I will see. That control could have made me very wealthy but it would have distracted me from studying the physics of how prophecy is actually possible. I would no doubt not have bothered to write the books I have written (and listed on my website) if I was busy creating wealth just for wealth’s sake.
In my youth had little real interest in religion preferring sport, business, hunting, fishing and prospecting for gold. I did fit in some study to learn what I needed to earn a living and to try and ascertain why I would have dreams or visions that should not have been possible if our understanding of the universe was accurate. Shortly after WWII as a small child I contracted pneumonia which left me asthmatic; it was this that eventually led me to a true spiritual awakening. A respiratory arrest and what I refuse to call a “near death experience” because I was dead, gone and facing my maker; but was sent back.
Although the experience opened my eyes to a wider reality it did not fill in the blanks; that has taken study, and I have been surprised to find that an amazing amount of information is now available. It does take careful consideration and examination because many present what are often very fanciful ideas with no relevance to scripture or fact, but people read something and create their own erroneous vision. We can only be certain by reading the Bible for ourselves and thinking on what it really says but there are also some very good study guides available.
We certainly live in very exciting and frightening times, alerted by prophecy that when the time comes two thirds of those on Earth will perish but those who are redeemed will be brought to a wonderful new life. The things that we are advised will save us are kindness, justice, righteous and mercy; we are warned that “as ye sew so ye reap”, or in the words of Jesus, “As you do to the least of my brethren so too you do unto me”. No one can expect salvation if he harms others; lies, cheats, steals murders or does any of those acts forbidden in scripture. We are also assured that those who will be saved are those who call on the Almighty who will answer, just as in the days of Moses those who marked their door with the blood of the lamb were saved so too will it be again. Ignore the word and perish, laugh and deride but remember that the consensus has been severely wrong recently for example the vote for Britain to leave Europe could never pass, Donald Trump could never be elected president of the USA but surprises await the unprepared.
Scripture is full of parables and warnings don’t be like Esau who sold his heritage for a bowl of pottage, or the sons of Jacob who condemned Israel to four hundred years of slavery by selling their brother Joseph into bondage in Egypt. The offer of redemption and salvation is in scripture ignore at your peril. Society today has given way to political correctness and those who follow the Bible are accused of all types of bigotry, but the real bigotry comes from those who deny scripture and condone violence and sexual deviance as acceptable behaviour.

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