Thursday, 29 January 2009


A recent European survey found that more than half the respondents expect the world to end in 2012. Why would so many people believe this scenario? Recent doomsday books and television programs have presented many prophecies and predictions that foretell this event and many either state or imply that the date will be 2012. One of the first such predictions popularised concerned Mayan Calendars that record astronomical data from the time of the Mayans until the end of the world, the sequence of events is predicted to end in 2012.

Likewise predictions by Nostradamus also claim that when the axes of the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe all align in December 2012 it will mark the end of the world as we know it. Nostradamus also calls this “the year of the great seventh number” indicating that he believed in the ancient astronomical belief that the Creator remakes the world every 7,000 years. He also claims that “in the year 999 from the sky will come the great king of terror”. Many thought that he meant the year 1999 but it is more probable that as he is talking about a 7,000 year cycle he is implying year 6,999 and the king of terror he predicts is apparently a comet, this aligns with other similar prophecies. If the 7,000th year is 2012 then obviously 2011 is 6,999 and he is referring to a comet predicted in other prophecies.

Nostradamus also predicts the resurrection of the dead in an Olympic year, a pretty good effort as there were no Olympics in his day. With 2012 being an Olympic year it appears that he had a firm belief in the Biblical prediction that the “dead will come out of their graves”, as he puts it in his quatrain number X 74.

The Bible also predicts and describes an end of the world and the book of Daniel gives some interesting date information. Ellis Skolfield in his books lists a wealth of data that shows how the predictions in Daniel relate exactly to verifiable historic events, and how and why the “days” in the predictions should be read as years. Using this data we can track the dates of the Temples in Jerusalem and their destruction also the Muslim conquest of the city and the date of the return of Jerusalem to the control of the Jewish State.

Daniel (Dan 12:11-12) lists periods of 1290 years and 1335 years that can be linked to specific events, the 1290 years marks the “time of the Gentiles” and we know that this ended in 1967 during the Six Day War when Jerusalem again came under Jewish rule. The period of 45 days (= years) from 1290 to 1335 years is called by Daniel “the time of the end” by adding 45 to 1967 we can see that the prediction given to Daniel provides that the “End Times” are to complete in 2012.

Internet forums have debated the scenario and some have claimed that it cannot happen in only another 3½ years as there has been no seven year period of tribulation. What they expect to happen in a period of tribulation is confusing because if we remember that the years of the original predictions were given by the Hebrew Calendar we should calculate according to the Jewish calendar. 2012 is the Jewish year 5772 so the tribulation period would start in the year 5765 which began in September 2004, we should look to see if any major events that could be considered tribulation have occurred since that date.

In 2004 a tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people, storms floods and natural disasters have increased dramatically and world food stocks are already becoming depleted. Global warming is increasing and as I pointed out in a previous blog appears to be largely solar driven, another predicted event. It is comforting to simply shrug all this off as coincidence and the result of human activity, but the fact that so much seems to have been predicted is fast becoming undeniable.

According to the predictions we have even more tribulation ahead; severe solar storms, extreme weather, earthquakes, escalating wars, economic collapse (which already appears to have begun), an evil leader speaking out against religious belief and leading many astray and of course a collision with a comet. The news is however not all bad, there is a promise that many will be saved the spirit of prophecy will return to the world this year. It should be remembered that a prophet does not merely predict the future, but has the power to cause things to happen. Old Testament Prophets reportedly called down the wrath of the Almighty on enemies, healed the sick and raised the dead; convenient powers to have during a period of tribulation. The predicted comet will be destroyed by the Almighty and the Earth will be spun more rapidly on its axis protecting the survivors from the increased power of the sun, two thirds of the world’s population will be destroyed and the surviving third will pass through the fire and be refined, they will then know the truth about the Creator. It seems that this is undeniable - one way or the other; we really do live in exciting times.


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