Monday, 29 February 2016

Where is Elijah?

Interest has recently been aroused in prophecy by conjecture that we are in the final days of our civilisation; much has been made of blood moon tetrads and eclipses but although these events occurring on religious festivals are rare they are not provably significant. The occurrence of natural phenomena on specific dates can arguably be ascribed to coincidence. Biblical prophecies predict several far more obvious and unlikely events that if they occur will make an unmistakable impact. The first is that two large meteors or asteroids will impact the Earth one as large as a “mill wheel” probably about 3-5 metres across and the other “as large as a mountain” which means at least 300 metres in height. We know today that these events do occur periodically so we cannot be certain any collisions are the ones predicted, but in Revelation 8:8 it describes a great mountain cast into the sea. In the book of Daniel the final “empire” is described as being fractured by a great rock from heaven.

An unmistakable prediction is that “the days will be shortened” part of this prediction is often overlooked in that it states in Revelation 8:12 “…the day shone not for a third part of it and the night likewise”. This prediction is claiming that both day and night will be shortened by one third and the only way that this can occur is for the Earth to begin to spin more rapidly on its axis. One third of 24 is 8 so the prophecy is actually predicting that the Earth will begin rotating once every 16 hours. These things would be undeniable signs that prophecy is real, that all time occurs in a single instant and would also prove the veracity of the Bible.

There is also the prediction in Malachi 4:6 that Elijah will return to herald the end of days, this may link to Revelation 7:2 which predicts an angel from the East. It is interesting that Nostradamus makes a very similar prediction. In his quatrain X: 75 he says, “Long awaited he will not return in Europe but will appear in deepest Asia. One of the league issued from great Hermes; and he becomes the most powerful of kings in the Orient.” It appears that Nostradamus expects a messenger from deepest Asia, which could mean Australasia but says he will become the most powerful of Kings in the Orient unfortunately no powerful figure that fits that description is obvious today. Until Elijah is recognised as a leader in the East (or Nostradamus is wrong) then we may assume that we are not as close to the End Times as some signs indicate. In his time Jesus implied that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnate, announcing the coming of the Messiah. We may be well justified in asking that if so many Biblical and other prophecies appear to be eventuating, where is Elijah? We can assume because prophecies after the time of Jesus (particularly Revelation and Nostradamus) indicate a messenger that John the Baptist is not Elijah or that he will return even as a different person.

In my next blog I will examine some of the predictions that eerily seem to explain current events.

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