Saturday, 24 July 2010

Predictions - coming soon

Throughout history there have been many predictions about the near future, the best known is probably the Mayan calendar which ends on a specific date; December 21st 2012. Hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon and produced a movie showing disaster and extreme calamities at that time. History channel has created a whole series listing the various legends, cultures and Biblical chapters that appear to predict an end of the world in our time. None however has looked at what this concept is doing to our civilisation.

In all these productions the content of the predictions has been embellished to present a picture of doom and gloom and promote an expectation of catastrophe. There are however events that will occur in the near future that will contribute to the feeling of foreboding that many experience.

There will be a supernova in a relatively near star, fortunately when this occurs the Earth will be close to its furthest point from this star that its orbit takes it. The sun will be between Earth and the star and the solar wind will deflect the worst of the radiation, but there could be an effect on the sun causing increased solar activity and possible flares affecting Earth.

We will also see a comet on a collision course with the Earth, my feeling is that this will be after the middle of 2011 and we should be close to discovering this comet. Whether its trajectory will be plotted and made public is difficult to fathom but authorities will no doubt try to conceal information to prevent mass hysteria. It will not matter however because the comet will break up and fall to Earth as blocks of ice, each weighing upwards of twenty kilograms. Damage will be done but the planet will survive, the Almighty did not create the Earth to wipe it out in a collision with a comet; it will be destroyed by the actions of men.

Despite being spared there are many people who will panic and believe that there is no future, civil unrest will increase and as has already been seen following natural disasters looting has become almost acceptable to many people. This is because the whole moral fibre of our civilisation is in decline it is not even safe to go shopping in many places and as disasters increase so to does (and will) lawlessness. With this in mind and to help visitors to this site we have established an online store, click on the link to the webpage and follow the links to the shop.

It is planned to introduce more necessities and we are working on better methods of secure delivery. It may become difficult to deliver some goods if they are in short supply or demand is very high, particularly in regions where civil unrest could occur. It will be necessary to plan for one’s own survival and prosperity first, because then you can be in a position to help others. If you cannot guarantee your own position you will become part of the problem and simply one who needs to rely on the charity of others to avoid having to resort to theft or looting.

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