Sunday, 8 March 2009


I recently wrote that we are now in an end time period; the last seven years to be exact. Many people disregard this and deny religion, prophecy and anything else that disturbs their mundane lives and quest for material possessions, but as we approach the final forty-two months there are some undeniable predictions about to occur. The Earth will be struck by a meteor as big as a bus and an asteroid hundreds of metres across. These will cause death and destruction and trigger earthquakes, storms and volcanic eruptions. After the middle of 2011 a comet will strike the Earth but it will be broken up and arrive as large blocks of ice each containing the equivalent of twenty (or more) litres of water. The most apparent and unexplainable event will be a change in the period of rotation of the Earth, when a day will become only sixteen hours long instead of twenty-four.

The most destructive force on Earth however is still mankind. If the above predictions do not disturb you then this surely must. The world will be destroyed by the actions of its inhabitants; the seeds of our destruction are within us. One only has to keep abreast of current affairs to be painfully aware that this is becoming more obvious every day. The greed of many and of large corporations has brought about major financial upheaval and wealthy enemies are manipulating markets to their own ends. Governments in many countries are obtaining equipment to quell civil unrest and supplying it to their military forces, many readers of this will be surprised to find that their own government is involved.

Western governments have been reluctant to take action against rogue states and have apparently resigned themselves to a nuclear Iran. Syria is building rockets and chemical weapons and Iran has already put a satellite into orbit. These countries are committed to the destruction of both Israel and the USA, yet we continue to “negotiate”; surrender to their aggression is a more appropriate description. It will be a nuclear conflagration that will bring about our demise and in the near future, the truly annoying part is that we could do something to prevent it but the western democracies have chosen leaders too weak to take decisive action. We too have become complacent and it is our willingness to succumb and seek the path of least resistance that has led us elect shallow leaders who are about to destroy the Earth due to their lack of resolve.


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