Sunday, 26 August 2012

Universe to end with 'Big Rip'

At a public talk at the Australian Astronomical Observatory in Sydney in July, Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt described how our universe is rapidly expanding. Professor Schmidt said only 4.5 per cent of the universe is made up of things we can see while the rest is invisible. Dark matter makes up 24 per cent and dark energy the remaining 72 per cent. Once this dark energy takes over, it will cause more space to expand, creating more dark energy, "which can then push harder against gravity, creating even more space".

"The creation of space eventually can happen even more quickly than light can travel."
This could lead to one of the "craziest theoretical ideas" and one of Professor Schmidt's favourites - the Big Rip.

The professor said “This “Big Rip might be the way our universe ends and it may happen on literally a human time scale" in other words Professor Schmidt is supporting concepts that I have already published in books and blogs. The expansion of the universe may lead to the universe “dissolving” before our eyes; which is an extension of the hypothesis that I previously published and my blog of June 2012. Obviously the good professor is only about a month late in repeating what I had published.

In my June blog I explained how in an expanding universe in order to calculate the universe’s gravitational field we must multiply the distance by Hubble’s constant. This does not mean much to most people until we come to examine just what happens to the effect of a gravitational field when we accelerate.

The strength of a gravitational field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, which simply means that as we move away the field weakens and it weakens twice as quickly as the distance increases. This is why a rocket launched at what we call “escape velocity” will never fall; its speed causes it to continue until the gravitational field is too weak to pull it back. The attached graphic shows how doubling the speed of a rocket does not double the height it attains: instead it increases by a ratio that is equal to the square of the increase.

The same thing can happen to the universe as a whole, the acceleration of the universe’s expansion will reach a point where gravity is no longer able to keep the galaxies, stars and planets together. The entire structure will dissolve into random atomic particles drifting apart in space. Just like a rocket reaching escape velocity the disintegration of the universe could suddenly reach a tipping point and vanish before our eyes. In fact this is what the Bible says will happen, “The first Heaven and Earth will pass away’. Just imagine the surprise, first the Bible was right about creation, the universe did have a beginning, now scientists are starting to realise that it may end just as predicted.