Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Antichrist

Antichrist is a Christian term based on interpretation of passages in the New Testament, in which the term "anti-Christ" occurs several times in 1 John and 2 John, both in plural form and in the singular. In some versions of Christian eschatology, Jesus will appear in his Second Coming to Earth to face the emergence of the Antichrist figure, who will be the greatest false messiah in Christian history. Just as Christ is the saviour and the ideal model for humanity, his opponent in the end time will be a figure of concentrated evil. However as the Bible also speaks of the anti-Christ in the plural it may well be that the anti-Christ is not just a single figure but an opposing ideology.

In 1 John 2:18 it says “…even now are there many anti-Christs’…” and in 1 John 2:22 “…he is anti-Christ that denies the Father and the Son.” These comments indicate that atheists are considered anti-Christs, but the common paradigm is of a single Satan like figure leading evil hordes against those who stand for the teachings of the Bible and the Judeo/Christian societies of the West. Attempts have been made to align various leaders with the predictions and to identify the evil hordes that try to destroy Christianity.

In his prophecies Nostradamus predicts three anti-Christs before the end of time; two are arguably identifiable as Napoleon and Hitler. He made no prediction that might identify a third anti-Christ but that may well be because an anti-Christ might have lived before Nostradamus’ time. There would be no point in providing an identifying verse that pointed to one who had already lived. Muhammad the founder of Islam may have been the original anti-Christ making Napoleon and Hitler the second and third of Nostradamus’ three anti-Christs. In looking for “evil hordes” wanting to destroy Christians we need look no further than radical Islam.

The Epistle of St John that raises the spectre of the anti-Christ is believed to have been written toward the end of John’s life, possibly as late as 90 CE but more than five hundred years before Muhammad, to John, Islam would be the future anti-Christ. The Koran, Islam’s holy book, calls for the collection of Jizya (tax) from subdued Christians and Jews: “Fight those among the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and who do not embrace the religion of truth (Islam), until they pay the Jizya with willing submissiveness and feel themselves utterly subdued”. Koran 9:29 In other words Muslim radicals are just those obeying the Koran and trying to subdue infidels.

The anti-Christ sowed the seeds of his revolution about 1,400 years ago and although those raised in the traditions of the Torah/Bible and Christianity are taught to seek righteousness, justice, kindness and mercy, treating all people fairly and equally. The Koran teaches that only Muslims are worthy and all others must be conquered and submit to the rule of Islam. Those who refuse are to be killed by beheading; Islam alone of the World’s belief systems demands the execution of non-adherents and the slaughter of any who leave the religion. Surely these traits are enough to qualify Muhammad as the anti-Christ and his followers as the evil hordes threatening the future of the world. Proof of this attitude of Muslims was demonstrated recently in Israel when Arab staff at a medical clinic in the Old City of Jerusalem did not aid Jewish terror victims. An attack occurred adjacent to the clinic while it was open and medical personnel were present in the clinic. Arab residents reportedly laughed and spat at a victim as she stumbled around with a knife embedded in her back. Red Crescent (the Muslim Red Cross) ambulances have reportedly ignored non-Muslim injured, leaving them to die again demonstrating behaviour that could only be attributed to the followers of the anti-Christ.

A religious war is taking place around the world. Jihadist Muslims are on a religious rampage to establish Islam as the only religion and to control the world with sharia law. They scream for rights when they are a minority, yet when they become the majority; they take away minority rights for all non-Muslims. One doesn't have to look towards Syria, Iran or Saudi Arabia for proof, just at Muslim majority neighbourhoods in London or Paris. This is what is in store for any community in the West where the Muslim population is growing. Recent Islamist terror attacks around the world are indicative of the growing confidence and violence of the evil hordes in their plan to destroy anyone who does not adhere to their violent creed.

In Jerusalem, the best example of Muslim intolerance of all other religions is their ban for any other religion to pray on the Temple Mount. This religious intolerance is the trade mark of Islam. All religions should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Palestinian Authority President Abbas has called upon Palestinian Arabs to do anything in their power to stop Jews from ascending to the Temple Mount. The Muslims are intent on destruction and oppression as would be expected of followers of the anti-Christ.

Muslim intolerance in the Middle East, Israel, England, France, the USA and all other places will only stop if people begin to realize that we are in the midst of a religious war and we begin to react accordingly. We are all in the same war; the Jihadist Muslim fight against Israel is the same fight against the Western countries of England, France, USA, Australia and others. Not all Muslims are part of this Islamic jihad but in WWII not all Germans were Nazis those who weren’t did nothing to stop the violence; so too non-violent Muslims do nothing to stop the radicals. To ignore the Jihadist Muslim agenda is a slap in the face to all their victims around the world and a betrayal of those Muslims who are bravely fighting to change the hatred in their respective culture.  

Peace will only come when most Muslims realise that they are the followers of a false prophet and discard both his writings and especially his example. Many Muslims are people of great faith, praying regularly and showing a devotion to God that puts to shame the observances of many Christians and Jews who may only attend Church or Synagogue once or twice each year and rarely pray at other times. Today some Muslims have converted to Christianity after having dreams of Jesus and others as a method of being accepted as refugees, because a return to their homeland would then be a death sentence. Until the onerous Koran and its insistence on death to those who leave Islam and those who will not convert and its plan of world domination is rejected or put into perspective there will always be those who are so devout that they will murder in the name of the prophet. They may claim to be acting in the name of God but taking HIS name as an excuse for murder is breaking one of the Ten Commandments given by God himself and must surely be an act instigated by an anti-Christ.

What happened in Paris in November 2015 should serve as a wake-up call that the enemy is not just interested in territory, but truly believe they are bringing in events to herald the arrival of their messiah. This is why the world needs to acknowledge who the enemy really is. Until western governments acknowledge this, they are guaranteed to lose the fight against radical Islam. Islam may play a larger role in creating an end time scenario than many currently believe. They may yet unite behind a powerful Islamic leader who parallels the Islamic expectations regarding the Mahdi, thus creating the apocalyptic events they believe will lead them to victory over the infidels of the world.

The commencement of all out war along religious lines will suit the West better than the Islamists whose faith is linked closely to physical objects, the destruction of which will leave many floundering. It would be even more devastating if these were destroyed by natural causes, seemingly an act of God. Islam purports to respect the laws of Moses as given in the first five books of the Bible, but many do not know these laws or pay them little heed. Observant Jews follow them and Christ repeated them and required their adherence from his followers, particularly the Ten Commandments and the exhortation to love God above all else.

Biblical prophecy predicts the death of two thirds of the Earth’s population and with the current lines being drawn by Islamists this seems increasingly likely. It will take a concerted effort from all people to try and convince the Islamists who wish to bring about an apocalyptic battle that their view is distorted and can only lead to disaster and their probable defeat. The anti-Christ is known by his lies; truth, justice and mercy will prevail and adherence to violence and hate will not succeed.

Information on the outcome of religious attitudes is explained in my latest book which endeavours to bring understanding to the debate.