Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The changing view of science

When I began school we were still being taught that the universe was infinite and static, a view that had persisted since the days of Aristotle, but today we know that concept was wrong and that the real structure is more like the Biblical view; the universe had a beginning. Science continually changes and modifies its paradigm as new discoveries are made, once even the concept of meteors was considered ludicrous, the French Academy of Science having ruled that, “rocks do not fall from the sky”.

Today some scientists are investigating the possibility of psychic phenomena while others still claim it is impossible, despite advances made in quantum physics and what Einstein called, “Spooky at a distance action” there is a reluctance to accept what could imply a spiritual influence. In 1989 my book “The Time Illusion” was published presenting a view that was different to the mainstream view of “arrows of time” and a one way flow of time. Having experienced precognitive and premonitory events from a young age I knew that our understanding of time must be flawed; if I was able to perceive events before they occurred there must be an explanation.

The obvious conclusion was that spacetime must contain all time past, present and future in a single continuum. A conclusion with which some well known scientists have now agreed, we only experience a flow of time due to entropy. Things have a tendency to run down wear out or dissipate we call this entropy as we observe things moving from order to chaos and apparently never going the other way. The universe does however contain all that ever was and all that ever will be, we perceive change because we build memories sequentially and we can only see our current moment in time at any one instant.

I called my 1989 book “The Time Illusion” because that is what the passage of time is; an illusion. I have since written other books and made videos to explain why we perceive time as we do but primarily it is because time accelerates, each second in time is actually a tiny fraction smaller than the second that preceded it. This acceleration of time is caused by the expansion of the universe because as the universe increases in size its density and therefore its total gravitational field reduces. Gravity as we know, from Einstein and from clocks on satellites, affects the rate at which time passes. This can also explain dark matter, dark energy and several other anomalies that I explained fully in my book “Physics God and the End of the World”.

The main purpose of all my books has been to inform people of how and why I know that there are some extraordinary events in our very near future. There can be little doubt that a major war is developing and it seems to be occurring as predicted by Biblical prophets. The internet is swamped with stories of an impending asteroid collision which may be due to the prophecy of Daniel who predicted a “rock from Heaven” that would smash the final empire, but also with ancient legends of a rogue planet on a collision course with the Earth.

We each have our own view of what is likely to happen and many interpretations are quite fanciful. My own impression is that we will see a major change in the period of rotation of the Earth and a day will only be sixteen hours long instead of twenty-four. All of the predicted events will happen in a very short space of time or as the Bible suggests, “come in a flood”. The biggest concern of course is the one that says two thirds will perish and in all the land only one third will be saved, we can only hope and pray that we will be among the third God chooses to save.

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