Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Conspiracy Theory Mayhem

The internet is currently being bombarded with an amazing range of conspiracy blogs, videos and forums. Many of them are incredibly fanciful and show no understanding whatsoever of the basic laws of physics or even common sense.

Many of the current memes involve the end of days, planet X or Nabiru (an asteroid expected to hit Earth) and theories claiming that either the Earth or the moon are hollow. There are also predictions claiming that the Earth will stop rotating or reverse direction and countless other events that are physical impossibilities.

I must start by addressing the hollow Earth or Moon claims; since the days of Newton we have known the mathematical formula for calculating a gravitational field. The strength of the field depends on the masses of the objects and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This means that by measuring the distance between objects and timing their orbits we can be very certain of their mass, a hollow Earth would not have sufficient mass to keep the moon in orbit but would see it fly off into space. A hollow moon would not create the tides we see rise and fall twice each day.
The next fundamental to be examined is the possibility of the Earth’s rotation stopping or reversing. 

We calculate the Earth’s mass to be 5.983X1027 grams (about 6,000 trillion trillion grams) the amount of energy required to accelerate or decelerate a mass this size even by a tiny amount is enormous. We can pretty safely assume that the Earth will retain its current momentum and direction for some time. There are ancient records that indicate changes that may have created the illusion of the Earth stopping or reversing direction.

It is possible that the Earth “flipped over” and the poles switched places, this event would make it appear to those on Earth that the direction of rotation had changed but the Earth would still be rotating in the same direction however would now be upside down. Clues to the possibility that this has previously occurred are to be found in an Egyptian tomb which has the stars of the Southern skies painted on the roof and in the Biblical record of the Hebrew battles in the days of Joshua when “the sun stood still”.

Now we come to the mysterious “Planet X” which has also been given the name “Nabiru” after a rogue star recorded by ancient Sumerians. Biblical prophecies in Daniel and in Revelation predict a giant “rock from heaven” that will bring about destruction before Judgement Day. With many current events seeming to fulfill Biblical prophecy some people are starting to look for this omen, unfortunately only the Creator knows when he plans to pull the pin and remake his creation. We can only hope that we are more worthy and smarter than the dinosaurs and can survive such a calamity.

Life on Earth has always been uncertain and despite the current high levels of volcanic activity and earthquakes as well as increasing severe weather our greatest danger is still our fellow man. We are at danger from lawless elements in society as well as the greed and incompetence of national leaders too ready to push the world into battle in order to improve their own positions of power, and those who destroy their own society believing it is the way they can help others; throwing open borders to accommodate groups whose end goal is our destruction.

We need to do those things which we can control, to live each day as though tomorrow will be our last and that we will be judged by our treatment of others. We cannot know whether these predicted events will occur now or in many years or even not in any way that we can currently imagine.

My own view is that we will see some changes and quite soon, events seem to come in cycles and the fifty year cycle of the Biblical Jubilees appear to have bearing on events in the Middle East. The Jubilee year 1917 saw the Balfour Declaration and the victory of the British over the Ottoman Empire. The 1967 Jubilee saw the liberation of Jerusalem from the occupying Jordanians who had conquered it in 1948 and barred all non-Muslims from entering. No doubt 2017 will bring some surprises and possibly further apparent fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

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