Sunday, 11 December 2016

Time Travel Is Possible

In previous blogs I have covered many subjects including science, religion, history and my books have covered even more topics. In this treatise I hope to explain briefly in plain language the structure I have described in my books and papers on the nature of time and the structure of the universe that allows for time travel and prophecy; it includes a time dimension that includes past present and future,

Recent discoveries that cast doubt on the existence of dark matter and dark energy support the concept I first published in 1989. The reason the change in the scientific paradigm supports my theory is that if these two forces, which make up most of the universe, don’t exist then there must be another explanation. My explanation is that time accelerates; each moment in time is fractionally smaller than the moment that preceded it.

Why should time accelerate? We have managed to find evidence that the universe did have a beginning and that it has expanded continually since the first moment of creation; and as Einstein explained and satellites have confirmed time is affected by gravity; we live in an expanding universe and as it expands its density decreases. Newton showed how a gravitational field is equal to the gravitational constant multiplied by the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance. This simply means that as we move away from an object its gravitational field weakens and it weakens twice as fast as the distance increases, the expansion of the universe causes its gravitational field to diminish and so time accelerates.

Because quanta only react in discrete packages of energy the past can still exist all around us but we are totally unaware of it because the atoms that make up our current existence cannot react with the past. The future is also happening at the same instant but we will be unaware of it until our moment in time has accelerated to the same rate as that accelerated moment; I published a YouTube video some years ago explaining this principle.

We can now establish why that creates the illusion of dark matter and dark energy. When we look at distant galaxies we are actually looking back in time because the light has taken many years to reach us, sometimes millions of years. We are looking at an older denser universe with a stronger gravitational field than we experience today so it appears to have much more matter than we can see. Dark energy is also an illusion created by weakening gravity and accelerating time. Because the moments of time (seconds) with which we measure the expansion are becoming smaller it creates the impression that the expansion is continually increasing.

We live in a universe in which all time occurs in a single moment, it is therefore logical that if we were able to change the acceleration of atomic structure to equal that of a moment in the past or future we would immediately be transported to that moment. It appears that some people are able to view or be aware of these moments from the past or future giving them glimpses beyond the current physical reality. This structure also implies the existence of a Supreme Being or conscious universe that creates and sustains all reality.

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