Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Homophobia is a Fallacy

Homosexuals refer to those who disprove of their actions as “homophobic” but this is a misnomer. The term phobic comes from the Greek phobos meaning fear and a phobia is a fear. People labelled homophobic are usually just those who find the practice distasteful, repugnant and immoral and who really have no fear at all of homosexuals. Many of those against homosexuality are religious in their beliefs and base their abhorrence on the Biblical condemnation of deviant sexual behaviour. Just as the scriptures forbid incest and bestiality they oppose unnatural homosexuality.

There are six hundred and thirteen instructions in the Bible about half are the things we should do and the other half are the things we should not do, homosexual acts are among the activities that are banned. Our society consists of people who hold to a variety of views but those who have a religious view are generally derided by those who do not. It is illegal to denigrate homosexuality and lampooning Islam can get you killed, but those who hold Judeo-Christian views are regularly ridiculed.

In the view of religious observers homosexuality is a crime, the very name sodomy comes from the city of Sodom that was destroyed by the Almighty because of the behaviour of its inhabitants. To be religiously observant and respect the teachings of our ancestors does not make one homophobic. The religious should not be castigated for following their Bible nor should they be expected to alter it to reflect the views of atheists and sexual deviates who disagree with the teaching.

Homosexuals should not try to promote their ideals and denigrate those who hold a different view and should also take note of recent recommendations from the United Nations whose General Assembly passed a resolution on Dec. 21, 2010 aimed at "combating defamation of religions". The Muslim nations drafted the resolution making it a crime to attack and ridicule Islam, but in order to have it passed they had to amend it to the ridicule of all religions. Now we are faced with the ambiguous position that it is a hate crime to speak out against homosexuality but it is also a crime to attack a religion that forbids it. The Critics of the UN resolution say it does more harm than good by limiting speech rather than protecting religious rights, but part of that claim is based on the fact that homosexuals are now in breach of a UN resolution when they attack religions forbidding sodomy.

The religious cannot now be considered criminal or guilty of a hate crime if they speak out against homosexuality because it is their right as practitioners of a religion to hold those precepts sacred. The UN now regards action against people who support a religious concept a violation of their human rights.

In this article I have mentioned homosexuals many times but I have not used the term “gay” even once, the reason for that is that gay means happy. The word was pilfered by the homosexual community as part of their effort to make the practice more acceptable to the wider public; and as an alternative to the more commonly used poofter, faggot and similar terms. The term gay was as much a misnomer as the term homophobic, the few practitioners of this lifestyle that I have met seem to be rather sad and miserable people but by using a term that implies a happy existence they probably expect to recruit more members to their own community.

Homosexuals have been very successful in having old laws reversed to make the practice legal; they have also been successful in making it acceptable. They are working hard to make preferable and to that end have created the myth of homophobia, but now we can stand up and say it is wrong because the Bible says so and it is our right to repeat that statement. We are not homophobic for disliking deviant sexual practices and it is wrong to accuse us, particularly when the UN believes it is one of our rights as a human being to hold those views taught for millennia by our religions.

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